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Jesus Came To Fulfil
Mima, your talking about ceremonial laws..remember Jesus became the Lamb of God then, and we dont need to sacrifice animals again 4 our sins..the Moral 10 Holy Laws of God still stands and it is perpetual..Please study the differet laws of God..There are 2 types..Laws of ordinances/ceremonials and the 10 Laws of God...they are 2 different laws. Ten commandments given for righteous living and is the transcript of the character of God...Jesus is the Law how can it be done away. He is the Word John 1:1,2

Tongues Evidence Of Holy Spirit
Absolutely lGabrielle...speaking tongues means speaking in KNOWN TONGUE. unintelligible language is the langueage of demons or only need to remember the day of penticost when tongues of fire landed on those in the upper room. Jesus said I will send the Comforter..these were speaking in KNOWN TONGUES. not mumbo jumbo like some churches have mercy Lord

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
John t n Lee says they dont hate SDAs but heresy.It seems they r saying their statements r the only truth, to hell with the others even if they r biblically proven by their statements. Lee u believe Phillip Schaff who is man and John believe JFBrown commentary. Who r u to say they print truth? EGW prints more beautifully than any..l.

True Meaning Of Christmas
Christmas is a false teaching of the catholics that Jesus was born on that day. Christ's Mass.

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