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Other People Than Adam And Eve

Mankind in general with no Soul.
Gen 1:26
make-Strongs(read all) #6213(to do) accomplished/finished,fashion etc...

Gen 1:27
create-Stongs #1254(CUT DOWN WOOD)(as a formative process),choose,select,feed...

"The man (adam) with the breath of Life"Soul"
different from,Gen 1:26,the mankind without souls.
Formed man-PURPOSE
Form-Stongs#3335-(through the squeezing into shape)mould into FORM,as a potter fig. to determine(from resolution).earthen,fashion,form,frame,make,potter


God's Peace.

A Christian Surrogate Mother
If you are a traditional surrogate(your egg and the intended father's sperm)then there could be a problem. That would be adultery. But I don't see a problem with gestational surrogate, the child wouldn't be biologically yours.

Husband Living With Parents
I am now happy to report that my husband has changed. For the one who asked me how do I know that God has spoken to him and do i just think He did. No I do not just think that He did. I know He did. I was there when the message was delivered to him. We were in church, where noone knew us, and knew nothing about our situation. See that is how good God works.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating
Elder might have told you the answer.

Can I Make An Organ Donation
1. i am sorry i had made a grammatical mistake in the former reply. it is corrected as follows.
flesh might be the boat of soul.if one's flesh is too old to take his soul, but parts of it could be used to mend the other's boat,we should make a choice.
2. 1Co 15:34-15:39

How Do I Understand God
How could a drop of water understand the sea?
if one could understand himself,God the truth is with him.

Can I Make An Organ Donation
flesh might be the boat of soul.if one's flesh is old enough to take his soul, but parts of it could be used to mend the other's boat,we should make a choice.

I Want A Man Now
it is only the lonely one who needs a partner. it is only those who lack love feel lonely. it is only in heart where love could be find. it is better to find love in heart than to find a man urgently.

I Don't Understand The Bible Well
be honest to yourself, then you will find the truth.

Christians Follow Worldly Holidays
Consider the intent behind the celebrationa. Jesus' first miracle was performed at a "party", celebrating is okay. Also, take a look at Colossians 2:16.

What Is The Unpardonable Sin
We know the unpardonable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He testifies to truth and is the One who reveals it. The truth is that Jesus is the Son of God and Messiah, if we reject this truth, we commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. We in essence call Him a liar and reject Christ. The rejection of Jesus is the only sin which cannot be forgiven because Jesus "is the Way, truth and life and no one can come to the Father but by Him." John 14:6

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