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Can Adulterous Man Change
Yes if they truly mean it they can. My ex has changed & remained faithful to his second wife. I think when he was cheating on me during our divorce proceedings he was 20 yrs old & didn't know better, but that was 10 yrs ago. People can change.

How Long Should You Date
well i would get answeres. After 4 yrs it's time to move on in either direction either to marriage or set free.

Competition In Heaven
There is no need for it, for those in Gods kingdom got chosen for a reason.

Which Jesus Is Correct
no jim I donot believe we can become gods, but they teach from the same bible kjv,so the same Jesus is there, but if you listen to my words and don't tell me they don't because I have been there, what they DON'T do is teach about him correctly, but still the same Jesus as being Gods son, but they also teach other things not making the church true.

Fighting Spiritual Warfare
Yes, when my daughter had cancer I battled very hard for her. We won battles but only God can have the victory! Man got in the way of her healing. Spiritual warfare is very real!! God gave me my armor to put on for the battle.

Can Christians Be In Politics
No. Politics & being a chrisitan doesn't mix on many levels. though you CAN believe & follow God & serve, it's freewill, but you have to choose either one master or the other, the world views or God. you can't choose both or one will consume over the other.

Is Church Membership Needed
If you believe the biblical scriptures taught at the church that should be all that matters,no one is going to agree 100% all the time with churches, but it is more important to attend a long time before commiting to a church ,this is from personal experiance.

Girlfriend Made Out With Worker
First what she did was wrong, if she was attracted to someone else she should have broken up with you, 2nd be glad it happened now instead of getting married & her commiting adultry.Better to catch them early on instead of paying a bigger price later.

Was Jesus Created By God
God is Jesus' father.If Jesus were God then there would be no need for him to be the only mediator between man & God.He was with his father in the beginning & he ,Gods son became flesh & dwelt with us while his father,remaining in spirit was in heaven. I donot buy the manmade trinity concept,but know Jesus is Gods son.

Different Verions Of The Bible
Actually i was watching a program by the former Dr.Scott(whom passed in 2005) his wife is Pastor Mellissa Scott & she uses the hebrew translation as well as KJV & she even said the KJV is not accuratly translated all the way like the hebrew, but Gods message does come through no matter the translation.

What Is God's Kingdom
the kingdom is Gods Word & his message, there will be a physical kingdom established again when the new earth is made.We need to start learning now what it is, so we know when we arrive.

Disagreement With Church Rules
That is why I moved out of the christendom umbrella.I serve Jesus son of God, not man nor his man made theories, I am a Jehovah's Witness former baptist & no matter the debate from non-members they to me are the only concrete bible bound churches, the only outside jw congregation i would pick is Dr.Gene Scott&Mellissa Scotts cathedral in CA I watch their evening sermons.I donot give into churches stil laccepting pagan traditions into their buildings.

Why Denominations
Man made them up along with doctrines they made up to go along with the churches religion & not the bible,but that's another topic.

Can Dead Christians Return
No, it says in the book of DANIEL that they rest in the ground & in the NT it says the dead will arise in Jesus return, so no one is in his presence yet Jesus said no human has ascended to the father.

Christians Getting The Boot
First of all, I understand about the 10 commandments, but as far as currency, money, this world itself is the devils & we should focus on the kingdom of God, not part of this world.We should keep ministering unto others & be happy when we are part of Gods knigdom. Point is, no they shouldn't tkae certain rights away,but as lnog as we preach the gospel they cannot remove God from us in ourselves.

Have You Seen An Angel
I have seen an angel ,but the vision wasn't 100% clear. It was a dream after my miscarriage telling me how God was going to give me a son . It was in a human form (like touched by an angel) but I couldn't make out whom it was except a certain warm glowing about them, no wings though.

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