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What Is A House Church
The house church I went to had nothing to do with Latter Day Saints (LDS) but they are doing as the apostles did by meeting in homes, besides buildings themselves, & yes it is biblical because whether be in a church, a hall, a house, or outdoors like with Jesus, it is said "Where two or more are gathered God is there"

No Anthority Over A Man
I think IF a woman does overstep her boundry into a mans boundry like teaching, it is because the men will not step up & do their job.Now we must remember that a man is over a woman as far as he was made first in Gods creation, but we ,the women are their helpmates not slaves.

Can Christians Wear A Cross
pt2: We say we want to follow the early christian examples, well the early christians didn't carry tiny crosses, the cross was used as a torture, made by the Romans whom were Pagans, God doesn't want us to mix paganisim, or anything non-Godly with his followers, nothing earthly. His kingdom is no part of this world neither are we.Nor should we be fashioned to the worldy things either.

Witness To Spanish JWs
There is nothing wrong with the Jehovah Witness congregation whether English , Spanish, or any other language. If they are happy then leave them alone. I have learned more biblically through the Jws then my former baptist church. The WT &Awake issues are bible based whether people accept it or not.

Is Witnessing A Form Of Works
You can tell your neighbor Jesus told us to go throughout al lthe nation &baptizing them & teaching them. this "teaching" is todays word for "witnessing". It is not a "work" because if you really love the lord you'll want to do it, though the witnessing itself will not automatically give you a "ticket" to the kingdom of Heaven, but only through Jesus can we enter.So no it is not "works" it is a humbling opportunity.

Why Does God Test Us
Remember God does not give us more then we can handle with our burdons, also look at James 1:13 it says "When under trial,let no one say:'I am being tried by God.' For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone." then finish it by verses 14-15.

Are Christians United
Satan is the ruler of this Earth. Jesus knew that when Satan offered him the earthly kingdoms, until Jesus comes for the resusrection, the world itself will not be united, but each one of us can love others as we should, that can be a start.

Can Christians Wear A Cross
You, yourself can wear what ever you want too, however God said do not make carven images of the heavens or earthly things, & this biblically includes the cross. I follow Jesus daily,he's with me, but I see no need in crosses in my home or on me for his fathers word is the only reminder I need of Jesus. Whether you ackowledge it or not, the crosses are worshipped images one way or another & God forbade this in the bible.

Is Abortion Ever Acceptable
God conciders the baby a "baby" since conception. It is the parents chocie about abortion ,but in Gods eyes He thinks it is murder, as the 10 commanments say "thou shall not kill" If there is a health issue that is between the couple & doctor, i cannot say.

Praise And Worship In Church
people lift their hands & worship with no problem at the church i attend.

Classical Music From The Devil
You have to use your own consience of these matters. I listen to classical music just instrumental. I listen to moderen christian music from the WOW C.D. & country music like Faithhill & tim mcgraw, just use your own decisions to music.

Do Christians Ever Sin
Yes we are all sinners. True Christians repent with their whole hearts& do not turn to that sin again, however we are not totally erased from sin. We try to follow Jesus better through reading the bible & avoiding areas we previously were at in our life.

Blogging On ChristiaNet
Just past 3rd year last november. i found it by doing a google search under chrisitan messageboards.

Are You A Born Again Christian
I got saved March 2005. The time before I got baptized was for membership only, but last March Jesus was urging me to get baptized for the real reason. I also left the witness congr. for good last week & found a good non-denom church home & got connected with a small group on thurs nights.

Should We Pray To Many Gods
It is not we say, it is what the father says in his word, the bible. We follow his word & the word is the son,Jesus is the onyl mediator between us & his father God.

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