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Why Does God Test Us
In the book of James it says God does ont test us. however God does look at our abilities,strengths,and does help build us up. We are the ones whom puts to omuch on our plates at time & then say "God is testing us" if we already do what he asks of us, which is not much, then we can be more aware.

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
A tree is a tree that is a part of nature God gave us. A tree is not meant to be cut down, dressed up to entertain us. It should be enjoyed outside where we can enjoy it for many years instead of cutting down our enviroment, destroying Gods earth just for a days celebration which is linked to Pagan celebrations. the idea of the tree being a "christmas" tree is pagan culture yes, it is not something the disciples practiced being in the jewish faith thne accepting Christ & following him.

Should We Pray About Everything
We should pray for everything & everyone as well, not just when we're in trouble or sad.
Pray over our children that they are safe while playing at the playscape, pray that our spouses do well at work & don't get hurt,they come home safe,etc... as far as the car I would just pray that if a car is needed make sure it is safe, gets you to your location, because the details are onyl greedy like make,model, but hey A/C is good because safe in summer heat especially with kids riding along!

Why Do Women Want Money
It seems you are putting us women all in one group.Not all women want a man with money,though it shows if a man supports himself he has a solid foot on the ground & doesn't need a womans support. For me,I love my husband & he is the onyl one bringing in income because I am raising our 3 soon to be 4 children, but I contribute in household things so he doesn't have to.Not every woman is out for money.

Didn't Know I Was A Christian
no. The idividual has to accept Jesus & the fact he was sent to fullfill his fathers message in order to be a christian, to follow Christ. Now it is possible you can have the charactoristics of one, but until you acknowledge it, you aren't one fully.

Loosening A Demon On You
Demons can't hurt you if you do not let them. As long as you're protected under Gods spiritual armour you'll be ok.You can not bind a demon in someone, that is not your place, only God can destroy a demon or a person that is wicked.

Type Of Church You Attend
My family & I go to a Freewill baptist church. It is a small ,conservitive church.We like it a lot compared to the mega baptist church we attended. Though we loved our former church pastor, we needed a smaller community. Our church now has about 100 members +visitors, & our old SBC had over 3,000 in a bigger setting. this one is not glamed up like the other one, but this pastor like the former one, still preachers Gods word. My children adopted him as "grandpa" & he accepted. lol.

What Is The Gospel
The Gospel is Gods word read throughout the bible. His son Jesus Christ is the one that came down to help explain,teach, give the word.So he taught the disciples whom then taught others & given down throughout history. the gospel is more then the books Matthew,Mark,Luke,John & the rest of the NT. It is also the OT as well learning from the old prophets God has chosen. We must remember Gods kingdom will eventually restore the new earth & new heavens & his son will reign as king, & we,Gods children will be there.

What Is The Church
YES!. The bible says it, I support it. I also attend a church building & fellowship with other believers, but if the building was taken away we still have the people as the church, so even though the building is good for shelter, it isn't nessesary.

Not Attracted To Him
physical attraction does help, but not important.However marriage is a serious thing & you have to live with this person/decision. If he is everything you need spiritully & helps your walk with God he sounds like a keeper.

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