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Should I Stay With My Husband
yeah , i would definiely pray and seek god on it the matter. its a better way then divorce. if it can be worked out. but theres definietly hope in the matter.

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
I am Christian, very strong in my faith, but not so strong in defended it by quoting the Bible and such. My new boyfriend of about 2 months is an athiest. It seems to scare my friends and family more than me...I would love to learn more about what this means for us as a couple. Do you know of any good literature I can view to help me become more educated? By educated, I mean to get an understanding of how an athiest can effect our life as a couple, any children we may have, etc??? Especially my walk with God.

Book Of Mormon
Mormonism is a cult, it DOES NOT line up with the Word of God.

How To Lose Weight Fast
I have a weight loss class and we count calories. We are getting our temples fit for the Lord. We do not gossip but help each other to find out what is going on on the inside that keeps us bound to our weight. The battle is in our minds. The devil loves to work there.

Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good
Free Masonry good or bad? Bad, yup! Free Masons say that satan created the world. I believe that God created the world, and I know a ton about the curses that come upon your family when you are a mason. There are baptist pastors, and other denominational pastors that are masons, because they are unaware that masonry is really directly serving satan, they just don't know.

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