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Is Cain The Seed Of Adam
No,Mr. Cluny, that is not my real question.

Is Cain The Seed Of Adam
I was told to google-- seed of Adam -- I did and a lot of stuff came up about this subject. You can google it yourself and see what comes up.

Is Cain The Seed Of Adam
Why is he not in the lineage of Adam?

Where Is My Future Husband
Thanks Lewis. I guess Gods time is the best time .

Where Is My Future Husband

I am just coming to terms with what it means to wait . I am turning 31 and its hard not think when will the man come .

How Did Life Come To Exist
God created life. Why does someone who does not believe in God spend so much time and talk trying to convince himself and others that God does not exist?? Think about it.

Do You Believe In God
the question below about where we were before being born was not meant to be in response to this blog.please excuse my error.

Do You Believe In God
Where were we before we were born? what was out form ?

When Should A Women Be Submissive
Submissiveness is something which should be used by both male and female. If we the church are the bride of Jesus, then we are both male and female in attitude. I submit my will to God and am then guided. Sometimes I have to submit to my spouse and at other times he submits to me. We do not have a power struggle because we see each other as equal humans.

Accept Overweight Christians
kella8334-- what kind of religion do you study? how much do YOU weigh? your question strikes me as asked by someone who thinks over weight people are below them. do you feel you are superior to US?
i am overweight and i find your quesion very offensive. do you think i should be refused the priviledge to attend my Fathers house because i am overweight? would it please you if you never had to look at overweight people?
you have a serious self righteous and attitude problem that needs to be adjusted by the Lord. do you think overweight christians should be allowed to go to Heaven but put in a place where no one has to be offended by looking at them??

What Is The Greatest Miracle
Yes, I have witnessed a miracle. My 14 yr old niece was being treated for the flu for over 1 wk and ended up in the hospital, the diagnosis was ovarian cyst until they operated on her and found that her appendix had ruptured and a massive infection was througout her body. she spent 10 days in ICU and by the dr own admission -only a miralce had brought her through.She carries a scar from her breast bone to pelvic bone but she is well and we give the glory to God.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Perhaps the dinosaurs were put on the earth to torment satan and his fallen angels,when they were thrown out of Heaven by God.Maybe the same applied for the giants. They would all have been of the same evil temperance and belong in the same group.

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