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My Son Is Cutting His Arms
hi my name is carrie i am a cutter to if he cut his arm again call scip on him thaty what my mom does all the time i know you dont want to see him kill himself why does he cut i cut cause i was abuse and i also suffer from drepresstion

How Has God Blessed You
God Blesses me every day. I have been through alot of sorrows in my life and the Lord has brought me through so that I may help others with his word and by showing his love. I grew up with a very troubled childhood and the biggest part of my adult life but God gave me my 2 children and grandchild, for that I am Blessed. The trials have made me stronger and a better person. God is Awesome. Seek first the kindom of God and he will give you the desires of your heart. He has done many things to fullfil my heart. I shall praise him always.

Does God Answer Prayers
God does answer prayers in his own time. I recently have been blessed by an answer to a prayer I have had for over 20 years, my brother quit drinking alcohol. God desires for all of us to be healthy but we must examine ourselves to make sure we are living a healthy life style. And for your dreams to come true they must be in alignment with God's word. Sometimes God's plans are different than our own and we must listen for his voice to guide us. It is his will not ours that we must follow. My own life is not what I planned or initially wanted in my youth. IT IS BETTER because I surrendered myself to the Lord and when you let him take control it can only get better, better than you ever imagined. God Bless You My Friend.

Does God Change
God will always be the same as recorded in his word. People's traditions have changed. We are a busy society so we often, out of habit, do not take time to rest. Our minds are filled with images on television and pushed by leaders to be constantly on the go. We are pushed to excel in everything we do or be looked at as failures in society. We need to look at Jesus, he spread God's word and filled the hunger of many and he healed people on the sabbath, but he took time to go to God in prayer for guidance. If you are doing God's word, there is no day off, we are to show God's love always, but we do need to go to a quiet place to listen for instruction from the Lord, so that we don't get caught up in our own thinking. God Bless You My Friend.

Do Guardian Angels Exist
I believe we all have guardian angels.
Angels are recorded as guiders of men clear back in the beginning in Genesis 18:1-10,
19:1-13, 22:11-12, 24:7,40, 48:16 and many more times throughout the Bible and into Revelation. Yes, I have a guardian angel.

People Deny Old Testament

Arguments Against Evolution
Translations and parishables in the new testament. Strands the oath to adversy. The oath of your own of cosmic reaction.

New Cursor On ChristiaNet
Blantently I really like the cursor myself you can see thing s as you want or let others see thing s for you to vote back to the advisayer.

Did Jesus Come In The Fresh
Reuben, don't you remember in talking to Thomas and the other disciples, Jesus said: "Look at my hands and my feet, and see that it is I myself. Feel me, and you will know, for a ghost doesnt have flesh and bones, as you can see I have. Jesus ascended into heaven just as He was ressurected from Death. However, some say that this was in His "glorified body," which is why the others didn't recognise Him at first.

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