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Husband Wants Me Back
I haven't been on this blog for awhile. But wanted to give you an update. I tried with my husband to see if he had made changes since his conversion...and I saw nothing, in fact things got worse, he is an alcoholic and although that stopped for a week it resumed, he constantly manipulates me and is horrible in his language and attitude towards me. I have prayed and all I keep telling him is I am sorry Let God Heal us but he will have nothing to do with that and insists he needs a woman, any woman, he can't go without. I have broken off the relationship with the other man some time ago. But my husband is not the husband he needs to be. I am torn now and may just return to my family and let God heal our wounds.

Husband Wants Me Back
Thank you Savannah, I felt what you feel and I appreciate your comments...I have decided to try and work with my husband to renew the lost love and I appreciate what you said and how you said it. I am glad that Trish did not have the last word as she sounds so judgemental and we are only just sinners saved by grace and not perfect.

Sex Scandel Eddie Long
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about celebrity preachers driving fancy cars and traveling the world and living lavish lifestyles. How sad that the prosperity lie ha invaded the church and so many people buy into it. Jesus died for our sins. He did not suffe on the cross so you couod have a mansion and 9 bathrooms.

Are Divorced Christians Failures
There is help for folks struggling with this abandonement by their spouses. You need to set boundaries with your wife ie: counseling, faithfulness, and if not-separate If their are no consequences and no boundaries, there is no place for her to feel the pain of al lthat is happening. Take car eof yourself, continue to walk as Christ leads, but by all means-set limits and boundaries and pray for healing. If she chooses to not go along with your boundaries, you will have to make some tough choices. You are not a failure as far as her choices go, but do npot fail to take the steps to bring hope and healing because of what others may think. Also-greta movie coming out called "Fireproof" take her to see it!

Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ
Soiana cant be the antichrist, his name does not add up to 666...well over 700

Churches Don't Teach Sin
Did Christ die for the sin that I am or the sin that I do? If He died for the sin I do then why do I still sin. Christ reconciled me with God,when God looks at me He does not see sinful me but Jesus. In Jeus' name I can now come into the presence of God.This is the main reason why Jesus died.

Could Jesus Commit Sin
Righteouswarior I like most of what you say. Jesus is fully human He chose to be obedient to God unlike the 1st Adam, there is life in the law if someone could be totally obedient.If Jesus had not gone to the cross He would not be obedient, and that is sin,which would have caused the whole world to be exterminated.

Could Jesus Commit Sin
Jody, if Jesus could not sin then where is His victory. Are you saying it was easy for Him to be completely obedient? See Rom 8:3 God sent His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh...

House Of Jacob Israel Judah
Hi Bill I don't know who Joseph is but perhaps you or he can tell me about the unconditional covenant God made with Abraham that the Israelites would be His people forever and if God changed His mind as we see the church(the body)claiming to be Israel(the wife).

King Nebuchadnezzar
The Stone Kingdom was set up during the time of the statue kings.All Israelite kings were crowned on the Stone they were known as the people of the stone. Which Stone are they talking about? Which nation destroyed the Italians and their allies in the 2nd WWar, crushing them to dust.

Churches Don't Teach Sin
The devil has counterfeited the church. He is in charge today as he was in the time of Jesus. The house of Israel and Judah were both banished for paganism, yet the people did not realise this, they followed the leaders, the same is happening to us, we choose to be blind.

Is Santa Claus Wrong
Once again the devil is leading us by our gullible noses. He is not stupid enough to tell us not to believe and celebrate the birth of the Saviour, he merely sidetracks us to concentrate on something else eg. santa etc.No nativity scenes in shops only brightly adorned trees.

Jesus Is The Last Adam
Jesus is called the second Adam because He is the only one who is in the image of God like Adam.We do not have the option of not sinning, we sin because we are sinners, not sinners because we sin. We are born in the image of Adam, but have the option of being in the image of Christ. Jesus like Adam came straight from the hand of God and in His image.Jesus also had the option to sin or not He chose not to and in so doing saved all mankind, but it is up to us to accept the gift.

House Of Jacob Israel Judah
The house of Jacob refers to all 12 tribes the house of Israel refers to to the 10, the house of Judah refers to Judah and Benjamin. Did you know that the tribe of Benjamin went with the ten but were told by God to stay with Judah as they would be the light of the world,11 of the disciples were Benjaminites and so was Paul. The ten tribes were carried away by the Assyrians and thousands of Judah and Benjamin and Levi were taken as well,does this mean that wherever they are they are together?

Should Christians Judge
Thou shalt not judge is not a prohibition. We are allowed to judge as long as we are prepared to be judged by the same yardstick. We have to make judgements every day between right and wrong.We must not condemn.

Are Jews God's Chosen
Remnants of the house of Judah were brought back to Jerusalem in order for Jesus to be born.They were the people chosen, but when they rejected Him he said"the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to another nation more worthy" This is not the church, which is the body. But who is the bride of whom God says" I am Ishi your husband.

Old Testament Apply Today
The eternal law of righteousness (ten commandments) applies to the whole world, but the statutes judgements and ordinances applied only to Israel as they left Egypt, it was their constitution. All these will apply in the Kingdom of 1000 years.

Could Jesus Commit Sin
Anyone who says Jesus could not sin is robbing Him of His victory. Jesus was made in every sense like Adam before the fall. He had free will, the devil would know if He could be tempted or not.Why waste time on someone who could not be tempted.

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