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Can Females Wear Pants
Hi GOD is not looking at what you have on as long as it is descent. He is looking into your heart.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
I am willing to bet you that all of these false teachers who are on TV. Don't even know all of the members of their congregation, but they know what a quarter is than $10,$20,$100.00 is!

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
Not judging! But are you two not uneven yolks????????

Pastor's Wife Title
Surely not first lady.

God Hear Prayers Of Sinners
No GOD and Christ do not listen to sinners prayers. Only if they are seeking Jesus.

What Is Female Authority
Nor Man Nor woman is over anything in these man made religion buildings. CHRIST IS THE HEAD OF ALL THINGS!

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
Hi Natasha

Sweetheart, look to Jesus Christ for the answer to that question. But while she is still here don't talk about death with her, talk about Jesus and all of the power that he has to bring about a change in situations of this matter! I am going through trials and tribulation also ( not like what you are going through) an I started to end my life, but I had to repent for not having the faith that I should have as a christian an other things. Go to Jesus.

What Is Female Authority
GOD, does not call upon a woman to preach his truth. When Christ Jesus told Mary to go and tell the people that he was comming that is what he meant. But not for her to have authority over man( meaning to preach the gospel! Read Revelation chapter 22-18-19

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
i listen to jimmy and donnie everyday on the radio and on internet on sundays..i believe he repented and is annointed,,as a member of the aog,i can not mention his name in our church,he is very much disliked among the pastors of aog..there are some things he says that i don't approve of .but so does my pastor.i take whats good and leave the junk behind..

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