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Christians Boycott KFC Chickens
oh, good grief!

KFC, Taco Bell and a number of chain diners are all owned by the Pepsi conglomerate! (and I would not be surprised if a big chunk of that was owned by Tyson's!)

if you have to kill a couple hundred million chickens a year, it is not going to be pretty, it is going to be messy and fast.

personally i like their chicken with its wee addictive ingredients......

Seminary Makes Non Christians
well, i rarely ever meet a teacher whom does not hold to liberal viewpoints.

a liberal viewpoint will produce a liberal viewpoint.

and often people are educated beyond their ability to learn or understand.....

Deliver From Demon Possession
I do not believe that a Christian can be "possessed", however there would be a strong argument that a Christian can be oppressed or obstructed by the demonic elements.

They can not control you but they can make your life difficult.....

Tell Pastor About Encounter
no, you call the sinner to repentance.
if they will not listen, you bring elders with you.
if they still will not listen, the church decides how deal with them!
now if they were married ..... well now that would make for a discussion .....

Obama Calls Koran Holy
who ever decided he is a Christian?

How To Really Follow Jesus
i think you have two classes of believers: followers and disciples.
i would rather be a disciple and do as "the master" does.

Positions Of Power In Heaven
i sort of get the impression that positions in Heaven are based upon what we do in this life.....

Are There Two Gospels
This is once where I wish there was more information because it would be nice to know how/where this came from.

" man comes to the father, except by me..."

so only one way, same for all men.

I Had Affair With My Pastor
change churches.
God will let the truth be known concerning this man.
in the mean time, you need to work on your resolve not to let this happen again in your life.
much prayer.

Should I Be Mad At God
generally i find when i am tempted to e angry at God, it is because i am misunderstanding something.

and it really does little good to be mad at Him since this is His creation, not ours, and we are just passing through.

besides which, i really would not want to have Him angry with me!

Moving Away From Christianity
yes, i do believe we are seeing fewer in this generation know about, much less actually knowing God as their hope.

the problem is a horrible Christian witness and self serving churches.

want to change the status quo? live your faith and have a ready answer when asked....

Speaking Badly Of Others
when one Christian sect takes pot shots at another, it really does not glorify God.

when Christians take pot shots at other religions, it really does not glorify God either.

when Christians witness to someone lost in sin and in distress, we can bring glory to God.

Story Of Lot And God
if God could put up with a reprobate such as Lot, and do extraordinary things to bless him - He will do no less for us.

Should Abortions Be Legal
it has always been a woman's decision. prior to our abortion industry, women were able to abort via the usage of various herbs.

our culture defines it as legal and ethical. only by reaching the hearts of those involved with this industry can this plight on our culture be slowed and eventually stopped.

And, finally, yup. I remember that interview well.

Are Apostles & Prophets Real
If you define Apostle as one whom is sent by God and gifted with extraordinary powers to support his witness. Nope, haven't seen it or heard of it, so I will assume the Apostles are gone.

Prophets however, I do still believe exist. But, whom wants to listen to a nay sayer? Certainly not our self centered, self serving church of Western culture! I do know they are out there, but they really are not appreciated and are considered fools - ignored by those they try to reach.....

Should Christians Get Married
No, not everyone has a need to or is called to marriage. One of my best friends, now 60, never married, retained his witness and is used by God where a married man would not be available.

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