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Which Day Is The Day To Worship
every day is for worship. worship is not what you think it is. to worship the lord is to seek understanding of life. technically though you should "worship" every day exept sunday as far as im concerned. sunday is the day of rest and my life is dedicated to gods plan

Good Version Of The Bible
they dont even make a bible with all of the books. the best one to stick to would be the original greek/hebrew texts, language is a metaphor for experience. different languages are just metaphors for other languages.. each new language is evolved with complexity. 1 word in the language of old could mean 18 words in english.

Who Out There Is A Christian
they are all right and all wrong. if you wish to see true christianity look at all religions EVERY SINGLE ONE. its ok to disagree with the bible because chances are you are only disagreeing with someone elses misinturpritation and not the text itself. it is not what one means to say, but how people take it that is of importance

Will Pets Be In Heaven
all you need to know is that we will have everything we need. but you will probably not be you in the afterlife. it takes 2 to tango. pets dont go to "heaven" because pets havnt made it to the end yet.

Has The Apostasy Began
it started when jesus was born. everything happens for a reason EVERYTHING. think like this and you will see: judas wasnt bad satan isnt bad judas must have betrayed jesus to the stuff to crack off. and satan must exist for god to exist. study religion of all sorts. God is male satan is female. I am not reffering to gender itself but the balance of life

Is This Prophetess Of God
i guarantee with all of existence that she is not a prophet... just prophetic. a prophet is someone who understands the prophesy of god that christ started and the antichrist will finish. evil isnt bad, its just there to balance good

Am I A True Prophet
there are many prophets in todays world. dont get full of yourself and you MUST learn to respect and understand all beliefs. you will never fully understand untill you learn to think outside the box. modern day christians have lost sight of the true word of god and many are the exact false prophets that they figuratively condemn. you must be open to the possibility of anything. if you truly beleive you may be a prophet email me and i assure help .

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