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Can Jews And Baptist Marry
To Steve... I am a Christian in love with a Hasidic Orthodox Jew. He is in love with me too. He lives in a Hasidic Orthodox Community. I doubt he would move from it, but maybe he would. He told me that my passion for God is like none he has ever seen and that he wants that same passion.

World Ends This December
yohannes, If you have money or property I'll be glad to take it off you're hands. Contact me at 619 498-7385, 619 get-real.

Explain A Sin Covering
I think it goes back to Exodus 19:8. All of Israel agreed to be the Lord's nation. In chapter 32 they've made the calf, the covenant broken.= Death. Christ washed away 'that' sin as well as all sin.

What Are You Hoping For
I in believe in all the bible. I believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself. You are capable of presenting something other than hate and loss of eternal life. If you will condemn others for not choosing a glorious, wonderful, perfect, consuming, magnificent, powerful and incomprehensible love, then you will need to learn to manifest it first. --After that you get condemn them. Have a little patience

What Are You Hoping For
We love God. He is consuming, powerful, incomprehensible, overwhelming and amazing. The most important law. Love the Lord. How about the second command? There is profound effort to reach out to and serve God. Preaching, lessons and studies, acts of service, singing, scripture, meditation and prayer, all to grow close to God. Yes, we are saved. However, nothing 'amazing' can happen until the "love your neighbor" comes to pass.

I found different ways to interact with people. God made His human creation, breathed an eternal spirit into it, and then made it be two individuals. I tell myself, my soul is complete when I am reaching to others. The results have left me breathless. Catherine talk to me.

What Are You Hoping For
Cont-- I experienced massive amounts of euphoria and I waited. I have a really pretty voice. I kept thinking I would do something in the choir. I waited for 8yrs, trying to understand. I wanted to bring all mankind to God, but I didn't want anything to do with mankind.

I finally went into Overeaters Anonymous weighing 295. Feelings of deep insecurity, suspicion, helpless, having low opinions of others, and relating poorly to coworkers drove me to a point where I was desperate to relieve my pain.

What I received that night was the kind of love Paul talks about in the Bible. I was just to messed up to get it to manifest correctly.

What Are You Hoping For
cont--. During the month of May, I began escalating in powerful/consuming love and ecstasy. I had been working with my sponsor since July on step 1 - 4. In May I turned over my inventory, a list of every hurt, fear, resentment and guilt. At 44 yrs old it was quite the list. Im still working on my steps.

Ill write again later.

What Are You Hoping For
Catharine: I've been moving in my Christian life dramatically over the past year. Just before Sep 11th 2001, I experienced a spiritual encounter. Before hand I had been praying for gifts. God can be trusted to impart any gift as he sees fit.

For several months I poured myself into the endeavor. A week before Sep 11th I was lying in bed silently saying holy, holy, holy as fast as I could, again and again. I moved into ecstasy. I began to feel like I was breathing in something other than air. It was heavy and seamed to have lower levels of oxygen because I was breathing so heavily. I started praying "I not afraid and It's Okay". All the while I was too afraid to open my eyes.

I'll write later.

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
Sometimes it takes time to develope our faith. Sometimes we have to go through a lot of stuff before we learn how to truly trust in our Maker. He is all powerful and knowing. He knows your needs before you do. God also knows your heart. If there is a chance that you will fall by having your prayers answered you won't get that. God loves us and He would never hurt us.

Mormon God From Kolob
The Morman religion is a cult. They do believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers. They don't give all their doctrine to their members. They believe that there are many gods not just one. They believe that God was first a man. They also believe that when you died you can become as God and be equal to God. They also believe that everyone goes to heaven except the really really bad. People go to different realms of heaven and that you can not get to heaven unless Joseph Smith says its ok. Do not get me wrong, the Morman people are wonderful people but they have been lead astray.

Should We Ask God For Signs
If we take pleasure in knowing that our enemy will suffer, where is the love in that? Jesus said love your enemy do good to thoughs who persecute you and bless thoughs who hate you. If you only love thoughs that love you, you are no better than the Pharesse,s

Should We Ask God For Signs
There is nothing wrong with asking God for a sign.if He asks you to do something and you want to make sure that its God doing the asking and not the devil go ahead and ask. Do it by thought only so the devil can't hear because the devil can not read your mind. That why you can be certain that its God doing the answering. I'm pretty sure that it was Paul who asked God to give him three signs that it was God asking him to do something and not the devil.

Must Christians Be Obedient
We are saved by grace. That does not mean that after that anicial act that we can do whatever we want. Jesus said follow the laws of the scribes and Pheresse,s because they sit in the seat of Moses. Just don't act the way they act.

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
Disobeying God will not get your prayers answered but Gods will be don't not ours. If in your heart you know you are a good Christian then be patient. God may be trying to teach you patients or faith. Gods perfect timing. You can not rush the Lord, and if He does not want you to have what you are asking for, then you are not going to get it. If He thinks that its not the best thing for you then you won't get it. Trust is the key. No matter what the out come is, if you can still love the Lord when he exerts His will then you are a true Christian. No matter what your asking for and no matter what the out come. Understand though God is not a pupit. Ofcourse all script applies to your life.

World Will End In 2012
You can read the signs of the weather. Tell if it will be nice or not. How is it that you cannot read the signs of the times. I can't find the scripture for this but you can google it. Matthew I think. We can guess 2012 or we can think that this will not happen till just before the 7000th year. The year of rest. God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. But we can also go bats trying to figure it out. If God wanted us to know He would have told us. If you are a true christian, when that trumpet sounds you will here it. That's all that matters. In the mean time we are to preach the word to others. Do our charity and love and learn.

Nine Catholic Commandments
I truly don't mean to but in. I'm new to this blogging stuff so I hope its ok to but in. I only want to comment on the RCC. If you do your homework you will know exactly what the RCC is all about. I do not believe that they are the true church. I will not bash them but I have done plenty of research about this subject. You can too. That's what internet is for. But do be careful if you start to study other things. Some of them are weard. I would like to mention some thins that you probubly already know. Young boys being abused. Graven images everywhere. Need I say more.

Is Trinity Needed For Salvation
The word trinity does not appear in script, except once I think, but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. There is plenty of scripute to back that up. Isaiah 48:16, Galatians 4:6, Ephesians 2:18, For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. Ephesians 4:4-6 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling 5) One Lord, one faith, one baptism 6) One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. Matthew 28:18-20. If we are petty in our arguments where will that leave us? I myself have heard that the Catholics added the word Trinity but look up what the word means. It may not be such a big deal. Just don't use it. Love brother love, that's the work.

Must Christians Be Obedient
If we are believers in Christ why do we debate these things. To be obediant is to do so in all things, if we pick and choose we are like the heathen aren't we? With the sabbath its hard because a lot of people have to work on Saturday. Who do you think made the sabbath on Sunday. I'm not pointing fingers but it should have never been on Sunday in the first place. Look it up.

Can I Divorce Over Abuse
She can devorce but she can never remarry. If he remarries she causes him to commit adultary. My guestion is, if a person marries someone who is devorsed then becomes a Christian or rededicates themselves to the Lord are they still sinning?

Tribulation Without A Rapture
I personally believe rapture is a lie and who is the author of all got it. I don't know where people think we are going when Earth and Heaven will be one and the same.

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