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What Is Moral Law
Moderator, I sent my final blog/thank you hoping you would post it a day or so ago, I only wanted to say thanks and good bye to CN. I also asked for prayers while I am on my road to recovery. I only ask that you post my farewell & thanks.

Too Many Bloggers Gossip
Sorry if the pain that some of the posters are going through is considered gossip to you. It's real to us, we don't have all the answers. After 30 years of fellowship, bible study, pot lucks, chuch services, charity work, children's study,etc with fellow Christians I thought that maybe it's MY TIME OF NEED. Maybe this is a good place to try to release some of my anger and disappointment in the church. Does it mean I will always be hurt and angry? I hope not. I will try to keep to myself from now on.

Why Do People Go To Church
aka - my wounds will heal in time, I see and feel the consquences of their lies and deciept every day, so I cannot just say 'it's forgiven it never happened' Time heals all wounds and thankfully my family and friends help in many ways. I just wish reparations would have happened and our lives could have healed must faster. I already feel stronger in myself because I had to make myself stronger to deal with it. Thank you for your advice, you sound very caring.

Why Do People Go To Church
Paul I am very happy that God dealt with them the next day and you had a happy ending. Even though we had a lot of people praying for help to deal with the 2 scheming deciving people that hurt us, no help came. Maybe if he dealt with them the same way he helped you, we too would have had a good ending to our story.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
tonne your silence speaks louder than words. No one should be allowed to sodomize or rape anyone else and we should NEVER condone or love the person who does such an abomination.

Five Day Work Work Ungodly
//I wonder does ANYTHING writen in the books of the OLD TESTEMENT apply to None jews/ none israelites?

How are we supposed to pick and choose which parts of the OT is for us and which ones are for the Jews? And if God asked me to build an ark I would (like he asked Noah personally).
How do you know salvation isn't just for Jews/non-israelites? Sounds like you are just making stuff up to cover up what the scripture really says. So God says it's OK to stone to death a Jew for working on the Sabboth?

Why Do People Go To Church
John - you hit the nail on the head exactly when you said "You can be a "Pretend-A-Christian" and act "Pious", be nice, and non-judgemental(Act like we all love each other/The I'm ok, You're ok Pietie )."
Found that out with church folks like C & J who we thought we trust worthy but are just scheming liars. Amen brother!

Five Day Work Work Ungodly
1 Then Moses gathered all the congregation of the children of Israel together, and said to them, These are the words which the LORD has commanded you to do: 2 Work shall be done for six days, but the seventh day shall be a holy day for you, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it shall be put to death. 3 You shall kindle no fire throughout your dwellings on the Sabbath day.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
I didn't hear from tomme - can anyone else explain his comment "Anotherwords, to use sodomy on a fellow brother or sister of Christ in order to gain their portion or inheritance is wicked works. However, we love them just the same regardless of their ways." Can you explain that to me?

Five Day Work Work Ungodly
I have some family members who are very strict and you CANNOT work on a Sunday. Exodus 35:2 For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death. They don't kill anyone thankfully but they adhear to that scripture faithfully.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
tonne - I didn't understand this part of your answer "Anotherwords, to use sodomy on a fellow brother or sister of Christ in order to gain their portion or inheritance is wicked works. However, we love them just the same regardless of their ways." Can you explain that to me?

Many Ways To Skin A Cat
Paul - If you have never performed this task it is quite hard and people over time have derived different methods to skin them.

We don't skin them where we live, just clean them up, dip 'em in egg then flour and fry them up. They have no scales to remove. So you are right, there are many ways to solve lifes problems.
Sorry to go off topic.

Hurt By A Church
John - we too were hurt very badly by fellow christians. I know I will feel better when the person hurting us stops their bad behavior, repents and make amends. I too never asked for anything from God except his love, guidance and help for small issues. I too prayed and prayed for deliverance from this problem and didn't get anything. The worse part is that we TRUSTED them and they still say they are Christians!

World Ending May 21, 2011
My Mother keeps telling everyone this is the 'end times' because of all the bad weather and disasters around the world. I keep telling her we have ALWAYS had bad weather and disasters around the world, we just didn't hear about them a hundred years ago. We hear news from countries and places that weren't even known about and now we have reporters there on site of every natural disaster.

World Ending May 21, 2011
alan that would be too funny!

World Ending May 21, 2011
I heard a radio report about someone opened a company that will come out and take care of your pets after you've been 'raptured' He is charging a set fee to take care of any animals you leave behind and guess what? He's got over a thousand people who have signed up for his services. He's located out in Western Massachusetts, not even in the Bible belt of the south.

Living With My Boyfriend
Asyln-"You don't use your love as a bargaining point to force him to go to church"

I know a very controlling Christian woman who forced her husband to attend church or she would kick him out and he would never see his kids again. And she would have found a way to do it too! They are the most un-Christ like Christians I've ever met.

World Ending May 21, 2011
Jerry, I don't believe the people who predicted this at all! I just read about it and wanted to know more about it. I will enjoy reading what the members of the Family Radio Group are going to say on May 22nd. There have been so many false calls through history to mention, my Mom thought the Cuban missial crises was going to be it for us all.

Christian Trusted With Money
Bill, I have not let 1 evil person decide how I live my life, but I am much more careful how I donate money. I have gladly given of myself, my time, my heart and my money since forever it seems like, now I don't just give without knowing a little bit about the organization or people. I still always give of myself, my time and my love to others. Call me more sensible now that I see so much deceit in some charities.

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