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Economy Is In A Recession
Yes, the bible told us that in the last days we will see all kind of thing happening in the world ,and the sign are all point in the air

Stop The Unbearable Pain
I think the best remedies is using a hot and cold compas. you need two towel two basin hot and cold water use one towel with hot water as hot as you can bear rapped afected area with it, then you wipe off with acold towel as many time as you want to then anoint with what ever anoiment you have

Diabetes In Children
yes children do have diabetes, achild can also born with it

What Is A Revival
What is revival?renival is a renewing of one faith or renewing of church members and other to profess there faith openly,revival bring growth and it bring back to life, to full strength that which was dead.

File Bankruptcy Or Consolidation
I dont think it is OK t file for bankruptcy, JESUS said in his word the cattle on a thousand hill is his if we trust him we wont be in dept much less to file for bankruptcy.

How Do You Pray
How do i pray ,the bible tell us that Jesus in Matt 6:7-13 tell us how to pray, Paul also said to the Corinthains that you also help by prayng for us 2 cor 1:11 ,It is our duties to pray for every one in our country especialy for those who are set above me.I pray for every one even my enemy

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