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How You Helped Katrina Victims
Our country sent a small humanitarian delegation/contingent of 25 workers to help in whatever way they can. The US has been very helpful to our country.

Home Church Differences
"Count it all joy.." as you go through this difficult time, sis. Changing church, as in changing department stores, is not the answer, i believe. God (heb 12:11) has a better plan for your growth and maturity "as iron sharpens iron, man..." Don't be a butterfly christian, for what do you know if in the next group you will encounter the same, frustrating sit. Pray over the difference and let God. God is Love.

God Tells Women Her Husband
reminds us a sit in the OT where two are ment to even they have not seen each other? God's plan. The keything here is being truely able to "hear" God and obey what He says. The bible may already contain words God wantus to "hear": "Do not be unequally yoked...," and many more... On the other side, Man/woman when saying "love/notlove" is often only in his/her tongue. When at that stage of uncertainty, give courting/engagement stage more time before deciding marriage.

Home Church Differences
That is really a difficult situation you're in especially the leader doesn't know what you know as the differences. Seemingly, there are two sides on the situation. But there is the other angle. Let us pray for the guidance of God in this situation, and hope that the differences be resolved, standing on the Rock as our Foundation. We can ask the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" Jesus is the third party. Go ahead, sis, ask Him...

Decided To Join A Cult
Sis, God Loves You, and you know that.. Jesus gave His all to free you. He first loved us, He is your first love.. As you study (with your JW brethren), i urge you dear sister to pray to God, through Jesus, that He will give you the wisdom. You are the apple of God's eye...He knows whom He owns and those He own knows His voice. Follow His voice. God Bless You.

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