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Breathe Air In Heaven
Kathr4453, I just read your comment on the gospel, the gospel was not given to Adam and Eve, they lived under the law the gospel was revealed through Christ the gospel tells of the good news, of Christ.God bless you

Explain The GodHead
john, shame on you, no one knows anothers heart, Jesus did not judge man that is Gods job, you do not know anyones heart, if you feel they are misquoting something then show them the Way. as soon as you show anger you are losing the most important battle of someones life here on earth.
God bless you

Obedience To Righteousness
we are no longer under the law. We are under GRACE, which is the free gift we must accept through Christ.the definition of Grace , G ift
R ecieved
A t
C hrist
E xpense

Depression Among Christians
Jesus life was about showing COMPASSION to all.And He is the same yesterday , today and forever.Jesus does not bring condemnation. Depression can happen to any one of us- of course there are many saved people who still suffer from depression but Jesus wants to set us free. .He can work in all kinds of wonderful ways including through compassionate and wise counsellors, medication, prayer and scripture for instance. .He is wanting to touch all of us no matter who we are with His great Love for us.

Depression Among Christians
Nothing will ever separate us from the Love of God it says in Romans 8. And in John 6 Jesus says I will never turn awy anyone who comes to Me. Jesus loves us all and reaches out to us all - He love those of us who are depressed and Psalm 34 says taht God is near to the broken hearted and the crushed in spirit He will save.

How To You Like ChristiaNet
I enjoy this website immensely. BUT, I feel that there are TOO MANY people out there who want to take advantage of their fellow man, by trying to get close to them and then asking them for money. I have been approached quite a few times where this has been the case, STOP SWINDLING YOUR FELLOW MAN, we are all out for GOD'S PURPOSE, not man's.

How Soon Before The Rapture
it would be very easy for all of us, were we to know the time. Then we would say... up until this time,,, i can be out of line, but after this point, I cannot. Jesus has told us to walk by faith, not by sight, it is evident that we also MUST have the assured expectation of things though not beheld. TRUST, FAITH are the only things that will get us through.

My Man Doesn't Look After Me
Did he act this way prior to being married? Many times you can tell how one is going to act inside of the marriage IF they acted that way prior to the marriage, or if he said different things, HINTING to it being YOUR problem. Just a thought. May you be BLESSED as you put CHRIST first in everything.

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