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Satan Is The Father Of Lies
y do Christin's Mock there brothers and sisters in christ do we not all fight for him?
Are we not all sharing the same word of god? so brothers and sisters stop letting non Christian people's words control your heart's to children of god

Impressions Of God
who i know god to be is all things the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end he is all things to all things.

glory to Jesus

Favorite Bible Story
well i would say not one in particular but the manifestation of god power and when he shows heaven on the earth.

glory to god

How Can I Be Saved
in that context the rich man must sell all that he owns to fallow christ. but the rich man valued the things he had instead of the things that could be given.

Is Faith Needed For Salvation
well god gave us the gift of salvation to all that believe in our lord Christ by faith if that answers any thing.

Churches Without A Cross
well dear friend like the first commenter stated is it does not say in the good book that we are to have a cross on the walls of our place of worship but you need to ask the holy spirit why he showed this too you this trend or what you see

Christian Woman Wants Married Man
devil you are a liar to mans thoughts and i say to you that you shall depart from this Woman's life and that she be set free form your hold in Jesus name amen

Falling In Love With An Atheist
what do you want support for the fact he does not believe in god and you do or you both do not and you need help?

Hunger To Grow In Christ
the lord says god knew us be for we where in our mothers womb and that he gave us a desire to want after the things of god so it is only natural that god put that hunger in you to know him

Falling In Love With An Atheist
well my dear sister in christ you must ask god this is this of you lord or is this my flesh wanting some thing that is going to destroy my love and relationship with you or are you letting me feel this because it is your will?

Falling In Love With An Atheist
and if this be you will help me convert him to you lord because it mentions this in Scripture some where i just dont know where i think in genesis but not sure i hope this helps you out
god bless

I Am Floating Off My Bed
well there are one of two things at work here one it could be an open vision or it could be a spiritual attack on you. this is a though but i fell like there is more to this dream than what you are telling me if there is more then pleas tell the rest of the dream
god bless

Can We Stone Kids Today
you must look at the nature of christ my dear friend for christ sees all life as some thing very dear and does wish to see any one die that is why he died for us on the cross so we can be made hole
glory to the lord and god bless you

Evolution vs Orthodox Teaching
well if you ever read the theory of evolution you will see that Charles Darwin him self does not believe in the theory he came up with. If we evolved form monkeys then why are our in sides more compatible to pigs and not monkeys even though monkeys share 90 plus % of genetic make up as us? and pigs share far less?

Lost My Soul Mate Last Week
just know that he is with god and that he is looking down form our fathers side seeing all the things the father sees
P.S i will pry that your hart is healed and that the lord will send his angles to comfort you in your time of need god bless

Does Satan Hear Our Prayers
Satan is called the Prince of palliates and he has power of suggestion so he in allowed in your mind to cause discord but prayer comes for the hart so no he can not hear our silent prayers to god

Practice Speaking In Tongues
i only practiced after i got the baptism of the holy spirit and began to speak in tongues it was weird my tong was moving in my mouth and begin to laugh

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