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Loving A Married Man Wrong
you are so right, my exhusband is the king of lying and manipulation. he lies to cover up his cheating he did throughout our 25 yr marriage.he has told liess about me to everyone i was close with and they beleive him now i have no freinds my family is distant from me i have no social life im always depressed. he is the master of narcissim.this man is so evil it makes me sick. no one listens to me when i need to talk, i get treated with no respect, he has brain washed my son to not have anything to do with me. he has payed and lied to people to ignore me and keep away from me i am sooo angry and hurt ive been thru hell with him.

Boyfriend Looks At Other Girls
i would take his pants down & give a good over the knee whacking right across his bare bottom !!

Continue To Spank My Teenager
mary. I have 5 boys ages 8- 18. of course the younger ones get it more frequently, but even my 18 yr. old gets it every now and then.

Continue To Spank My Teenager
mary . over the clothed bottom ? its not going to have any affect. I pull down my boys' pants & briefs and put them over the table. believe me . they're WELL disciplined.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Greeting my name is pastor cynthia crum. I am working on startingmy own church. I am looking for a church to give some great sermons god has really touch my life and I want to tell the whole world about god and his amazing grace please call me at 732-390-1782 or fax me more about the church at 732-390-0993 Thank You

Should Christians Be Taxed
Well even though we are christians we are still American citizens(until we go to our permanent home, HEAVEN) and we have to obey the laws which means yes, we have to pay taxes. I know that a lot of our taxes support a lot of ungodly organizations, as well as the "corrupt" Congress that is supposed to be representing the people of America. I do not believe that because you are a christian, the IRS will say "ok you are exempt from paying taxes". It is God's will for us to pay our taxes.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
I recently lost my husband at the age of 45 we did not have insurance we believed that we would pay everything for before we died. well that didnt happen. everyone says join a group. Well agroup dont pay the bill. I have been a housewife and mother for 27 years. Who wants to hire me with just housewife experience? Everyone says if you need something call. Are they there to help you get a job? Well I am about to lose everything I have left. So I dont anystand how people survive after losing a love one.

I Hate My Husband
you cant complain about your life unless you plan on changing it. so either change something about your husband and leave him or shut up.

Just The Book Of Revelation
This scripture is referring to the entire Book of Revelation, because this the Sign of the Times. this is the Book of Prophecy that tells you about the End Times. It is telling you that you are blessed for reading and the hearing of these words that are written theren this BooK of Revelation, for Jesus will soon be coming back.. JUST BE READY FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD...

Struggling To Hear From God
God will speak to your heart. God speaks to us always in all ways, not only when we seek Him, but when you feel, lonely, depressed or sad, I am speaking from my own experience. You know Gods' voice, listen with your heart. God is a Loving God, just listen, He will bring you quiet joy,and endless peace, just listen.

Date Many Women At One Time
It is okay to have female friends.When dating-always be honest with all women.Let them know up front that you are friends and nothing more.You can only focus on one woman at a time. Dating many women does not allow for you to bare your soul.Thank you for being a honest caring man.

Husband Had Affair With My Friend
If you decide to stay with him-never have children. I grow up with a cheater as a father they never change. God can bring you a better man.

Need Your Diet Ideas Today
Cut sugar out of your life-soda,candy,cookies,bread-everything white. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Do a detox. Good luck. Try a product like juiceplus+.

Read The Bible Or Don't Read It
I do not read the Bilble all of the time.I do believe in GOD.It is hard to focus when Christians can be so rude and nasty but the unsaved are kind and loving.What is the purpose of your question?There is nothing that you can do to help me.GOD can only guide me.

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