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Would You Take Wife Back
Your question reminds me of a friend (John, I think) years ago in a somewhat similar circumstance. His wife had run off with some fellow and taken the kids with her. John remained gentlemanly toward her and of course, loved the kids. One summer, he invited the kids to stay with him and neglected to send them back at the end of the summer. Eventually, to get to the end of the story, she gave in and came home.
John wasn't looking for rules. He was looking for a way to deliver his wife and children from bad choices. I don't think it occurred to him to do otherwise.
Forty years later, he's the one I remember with respect. He was selfless, perhaps Christlike. He was willing to do anything to save to his wife who had gone astray.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
I believe that God is a God of order and for eveeryone to know that in all that He did, we understood..I believe speaking tongues is speaking languages understood by others also..I speak tongues meaning speak other tongues/languages..God gave us His Word and we understand it only we misinterpret it..God is good and all the time..amen

Jesus Born On December 25th
Tammus was born on the 25 december..not Christ..I belive that it is not his birthday

Can I Pierce My Nose
when you become a christian, you will know and understand God's standards and you will freely apply it in your will take time for some to follow God's ways and it will take time for some to leave worldy ways behind..once you get it, you would wonder why you wanted to do it in the first place..have patience friend..continue to seek Him daily

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