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Mormons And Joseph Smith
The lds church doesn't talk about other churches and that there believes are wrong so y do all u ppl do that?

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
forgive yourself and don't deny the Lord what he has done for you. the enemy is trying to make you pay for what you did but you don't have to let him do that. you are not Jesus but a sinner who needs the Lord... we can never do what Jesus did and Jesus understands that.. you are free to live and be happy. Your baby is with Jesus and so should you be.Jesus loves you.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
The enemy Satan is using the abortion against you to destroy. but Jesus came so that we can have abundant life. we all mess up and sin. but you can't deny the sacrifice on the cross. you can't pay ever for the abortion. but Jesus did for you.

Can God Heal Me To Have Children
Have faith... and ask
With God all things are possible....
God said that we have not because we ask not
By his stripes we are all healed...
Have your Church annoint you and pray over you...
And asked God if there is a reason why....

Desire To Be A Virgin In Marriage
Curt, the Lord says to be friutful and multiply, not get married and abstain. I really think that you are scared of intimacy or something is hindering you from seeking what God has given us. You are a selfish person. The Lord gave of Himself. a selfless act of love. You should take a long hard look at yourself and not marry someone younger then you who doesn't have wisdom to say no. You can not make people who you want them to be.. I think you have a hard and hurting heart and may the Lord heal you..

Desire To Be A Virgin In Marriage
curt, why in the world would you want to remain a virgin after marriage. That baffles me. Do you know what you will be missing? An imtimacy that is so profound and comes from the Lord. Maybe you need Christian counseling. Were you abused as a child? Or trying to be a martyr? P;ease answer!!!!

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