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What Is A Judgemental Christian
Speak the truth in love. Truth is powerful, but without relationship, even the truth can come across as judgement. There is only ONE Judge. A non-believer is going to feel judged if he/she doesn't have real relationship with the one spelling out the truth. If your motivation is pure and if you have shown real love, then most non-believers will listen. We can criticize believers (and we are called to) with more vigor because we share the same cultural background and hopefully the same Holy Spirit. But to the non-believer, criticism without relationship is nothing more than hypocrisy. Be humble. Be authentic. Show LOVE always!

Explain The Trinity Doctrine
David, Jesus was praying to his Father, our Father, THE Father, Almighty God. An old-testament passage says "There are many gods and many lords but one Almighty." Over 1400 times in the Old Testament, and 4 times in the New Testament appears in the Hebrew and Aramaic text YHVH, or JHVH, Yahweh or Jehovah, as Almighty God's name. Previously, the Almighty was known as "The Great I AM." Jesus himself said "hallowed be THY name," telling us to honor his Father, Jehovah God.

Is Jesus God
Jesus said "I came to do the will of my FATHER, who SENT ME . "
When a woman bent at knee to bow to Jesus, he said "Be careful, woman, for it is to God alone (Jehovah, hebrew JHVH) you must render your worship."
Jesus, as God's right-hand highest form of angel (there are four types of angels in the Bible), he being Michael the Archangel spoken of in Genesis, assisting in creation of heavens and earth is God's Son.

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