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Mayan Calendar December 2012
Mayans were smarter then u think they didn't have gadgets to rely upon they used astrology they were closer to god then what we are today humans are like cockroaches disgusting and dirty our time will come to a end this i no look around you look whats happening we will end up wiping our self out not god that's how dumb we are

Are Christians Jews
becouse in daniel 7: 25 the little horn thinks to change times and law. find a old catechism and look up change of the sabbath and feasts. the early church kept then both,see colossians 2:16 they were a shadow of things to come, not pass, they were a substance of Christ, which points to Him. and to his comming.

God Allows Free Will
a good passage to read is Ps. 139. people will have a greater understanding of the power of God and a greater understanding of the power of man. do not get them reverse, believe them with your heart.

Confess Affair To Parents
I'm a husband whos wife had an affair that was recently discovered.We decided not to tell our parents about the affair- but it is extremely difficult for me to be around her family.The biggest problem I continue to have with the affair- is the level of dishonesty she kept up around me. The charade- of pretending to be happy, not acknowledging what was going on, not talking to me- pretending everything is great. It is extremely painful and difficult to watch her act this same way around her family- while I know she is miserable inside and has such a big secret she is keeping from them. It reinforces how embedded and skilled this liar inside of her is- and how convincing she can be to even those most close to her while lying about how she feels

Christians Play Secular Music
Music cannot be sacred or secular of itself. It is either uplifting or depressing. The Psalms were popular tunes that David put spiritually oriented words to. Much like the US's National Anthem is an old English drinking tune, with thousands of other lyrics put to it. "Christian" music now encompasses almost every genre that "non"christian music covers. It is a business of major proportions. Paul McCartney has written a "mass" does that make up for some of the eastern philosophy oriented songs of the Beatles? If music uplifts your soul, it is beneficial, if not that you have to decide.

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
funny how the only religion that is pursecuted are these jehovahs' witnesses. makes me want to look into them. southern baptists are not, protestants arent penticostals arent but JWs are. hmmm

Morris Cerullo's Ministry
I would go with a prayerful mindset. There are a lot of christians who are condemning prophets and apostles. Whether they like it or not and whether it fits their denominational or personal doctrines or not, prophets are here to stay. Having said that, we are told to try the spirits whether or not they are of God. You need to ask the Lord as your listening if the person who is speaking is speaking from the Holy Spirit, a demonic spirit, or the human spirit. If prophets are here to stay then there will be true and false ones. If the spirit of God is in you then you can ask the Lord to help you discern the prophets making sure they speak in accordance with the scripture. This also applies to pastors,evangelists,and teachers.

What Is A True Christian
I believe a true Christian is one who is:
1. Saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.
2. Is led by the spirit of God.
3. Is loving, compassionate, non-judgemental, empathetic.
4. Puts God number one in their lives.

The bible says the greatest of all commandments is to Love God with all your heart, with all your might, and to love your fellow man. These two commandments are what all the other commandments are based on.

Was Peter Saved Early
I wonder why people assume that once you become saved, all sin in their lives stop?
Do we automatically become perfect people and no longer are in need of forgiveness and salvation. NO! I don't know anyone who has become perfect after they were saved by God's grace. Of course we don't stop sinning. Thus all the more for us to thank God for his grace!

We do try to lead better lives, but good works do not justify our salvation. "Not by works are ye saved, but by grace!"

Democrats For Abortion
"'m tired of our soldiers coming home. . . can a democrate do any worse?" Listening to them yes. They would rather have innocent civilians slaughtered here, than trained fighting men over there. Did you know that when you sign up for the military you sign up to kill. We have a volunteer military so who is the nonchristian? The one who uses military to defend, or the one who signs up to kill?

Pastor's Wife Title
Maybe we could be a little less self important. God = Abba = Daddy. My mom a preacher's wife was often referred to as Mrs.(formal) her name (informal) or just mom the one she liked best. She had a habit of spiritually adopting a lot of people, they called her mom.

Global Warming In Bible
Rev. 16:8.9 seared by the sun's heat.

Can We Send Someone To Heaven
How shall they know about Heaven?
Romans 10:13-15 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

Person Hurt Me In Church
You hold the power of choice, you can be hurt, or you can not be hurt, you choose. If a person is intent on trying to hurt you, I think they have an issue that needs to be prayed for. They are really asking for help. I have no concern for myself, as to what others may try to do to me. God says that He will protect me even if my very life is threatened.

Are You Part Of God's Remnant
First we have to be in the end time. Once that is established then if we live for God today we are part of the remnant. If we don't doesn't matter much.

Why Is Faith So Important
Finn - I love this chicken and egg stuff. I can only answer from my expierence. I grew up christian but had no relationship with God. So I built a relationship with the world, it was not good. Went back and worked on a relationship with God.

Why Is Faith So Important
2 Finn - While faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see, it is relational. What do have to lose by trying a relationship with God. A few beers? He does said to test Him and see. If it doesn't work, so you did a few years without something, I do that for the sake of health anyway.

Demons Are In My House
Caring - thank you for your accurate statements about Buddism. I practiced it for a number years. My instructing monk gave me perhaps the best description, Buddism is an opperating system that can be plugged into any thought or religion system. It does not teach truth, but how to find truth, and once found must be followed wherever it leads. I often wish 'christians' would follow the same path once they find the truth.

Only Christians In The Millennium
Simply the USA has one agenda, keep oil flowing to support its economy. We are not friends with Saudi because they are muslim, but because they have oil. We are friends with Isreal because "christian" presidents bow to the evangelical belief that Isreal is vital to the rapture, 2nd coming of Christ, 3rd temple built, and other hoaxes. Friends with Osama (not his family) to fight the communists, his family because of oil. We make friends but do very poorly at choosing or sustaining them.

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