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Is The Bible A Fiction Book
Real or fiction,it doesnt matter. God can not be contained in pages of a book. Commandments were already given before Moses went up Sinai,Noah's flood wasnt worldwids. The Bible is a book of parables and stories of great faith. Believe in God and your heart will be made pure. I am not Christian,Muslim or atheist. I dont get caught up in relegion. Ilove my Father who gave me life. I look around each day and see His greatness and His love. No book of stories make me feel the love He has for me. I see HIM daily and thank Him for my well being. God bless you all. Let it be so.

Idolatry To Wear A Cross
If cross wasnt a graven image,then we would find them all over the place created by God. If I am crucified,I would not wont to come back and see everyone wearing the idol I died on around their necks. It was a method of death for murderers,rapist,child molesters,stc. Your Christ was labeled as one of these bad people and you serenade Him with a cross around your neck. Is your faith in Him or the cross. It cant be both. The spirit of God dwells within you. No relic,idol,book or mega church can bless you like He can. 'Little children,stay away from idols'. God bless you all. Let it be so.

Living With My Fiance
My dear friend. All have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. Let him that is without sin cast the first stone. Living with someone you love is not a sin. Stones are being cast at you because of tradition. Living together before your're married is only a tradition. Going to church on sunday is a tradition. You can praise God any day of th week. His words are,'Be fruitful and multiply'. I didnt hear of a grand wedding for Adam and Eve. Matter of fact there are very few weddings mentioned in the Bible. God cares about how your heart feels and not about foolishness. Stay with your soon to be spouse and be blessed in the Lord. Dont let grandma tell you different. LOL. God bless you.

Pray To Others Than God
This verse is saying'I am God and God alone'. No man or woman should be given God's praises. St.Peter didnt create the earth and Mary didnt breathe into you the breath of life. A crucifix has no life or power. Do not give away God's praises. We fall into the trap of tradition of relegion and forget about God. Christ chose to be poor and preach to the poor because the so called leaders of the church were so full of themselves that they felt the poor were benaeth them. The put their trust and faith in idols and wealth. Give God the praise! God bless you.

Why Do Christians Backslide
i think most fall back into a life of sin because of discouragement this is because they may fail and sin and beat themselves up for it we also have an accuser the devil and he stands ready to tell you when you fail that God will not forgive you and such lies as that and for some new or weak Christians this can be devastating that is why we need a good church body led by the Holy spirit that by his leading we can help to reach out to the prodigal sons.

I Hate My Wife
gosh ! i HATE using this medium

Is Harold Camping Correct
I was sceptic of what Harold campimg was teaching.The first scripture that came to me was No man knows the day or the time.As I studied this from the bible I find we can know the time.God told daniel in Dan.12 To SEAL these things up in a little book (bible) untill the end.When we get close to the end God said He will remove the seals in rev7.Noah knew the exact time of Judgement.The flood was a picture of Judgement and God told Noah yet in 7 days the flood water will begin.The people of Ninava knew exactly when Judgement was comeing Jonah warned them in 40 days God will destroy Niniva.If one is truly interested in the time of the end call Family radio and ask for a free copy of "We are almost there"

Mow Grass On Sunday
If mowing the lawn keeps you from going to church, then I believe it is wrong.
However if you mowed your neighbors lawn in Christian love, that is another story.
If it keeps you from learning and doing God's will it is wrong.

Who is Chuck Missler?
In responce to Laurie and BruceB comments. 1st regarding the Jews as special. Tell me where are these Jews, after all they fled/dispersed into Europe & changed their names. Their bloodline isn't pure. Lots of Jews are converts? Who are these special people? The answer is nobody can trace their bloodline back that far. Nobody can prove who the Jews were.
Then there's this Tribulation business. Get real. Your talking about what jesus will and won't allow to the church. Whoa! Look around you the church is a mess.
"We're not told alot about how our bodies become immortal...." There are lots of text available on that subject. The problem is you'll never read it because you believe there is only one book of god.

Are Tongues For Today
I believe that God can speak to us through the bible and the inspired word through the Holy Spirit. I don't understand why God would want to communicate to me His will through someone else that I cannot understand what they are saying.
The people that I have witnessed speaking in tongues in the middle of a worship service appear to be pulling everyone's attention from God and on themselves and their ability to speak jibberish.
I prefer God speaking to me through a pastor. A pastor who helps me understand God's word.

Obama Bows To Muslims
I don't know if it was a mistake (like an accident, or oops I bowed) But it was a mistake(what were you thinking).
I believe he did it as an act of humbleness and respect for the prince. However, now he has set precedence that he will need to apply to all dignitary's he meets so he doesn't offend them.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
I believe that speaking in tongues is a viable gift of the Holy Spirit. It is not one that I have received and those that have it, at least that I have been exposed to, appear to be disruptive in worship and taking away from hearing God's word in English,(I do believe God can speak English that is a tongue).
Tongues, when spoken in a language people don't understand, is for private prayer not a congregational worship setting.
It's not about disproving, it's having an acceptable place for it.

Baptized The Same Day
Baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace. It is a sign that we are a part of the catholic church, forgiven by Christ dieing on the cross for our sins.
It's not the water that saves us, the water marks us as claimed by Christ. From that day on it is up to us if we want to accept that claim and make it our own.

Fiance Isn't a Strong Christian
a friend is right, if you are looking for a vote. Take your time talk to God and talk to your fiance. You will figure it out.
Is a Sunday Christian of lower class than Sunday and Monday Christian? What if we only take and hour off? Christ only treated the religious people that acted as though they were better than others with disrespect. Be careful, if Christ only hung out with people who were as good as He then we would all be in trouble. remember grace, that is what makes a marriage, between a husband and a wife and God. blessed are the meek not the strong.

Evolution versus Creationism
I guess it depends if you want to be created from a lump of clay the God made or a fish/monkey that God made.
Maybe God made the amoeba from clay or the clay from amoeba.
I would say that God created everything, maybe from a big bang. I don't know,I wasn't there. But the important part is to know that God did it. Why, because science tells us that matter does not just appear. But faith teaches us that God can do anything.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
>"DJ, you evade, or miss the point. Drunkeness comes only from consuming too much alcohol. No other way."

Since the question was what did the word "oinos" mean I didn't evade or miss any point.

Why Did People Live So Long
The main reason for the book of Genesis is to give the Israelites their heritage and to show how they were God's chosen people, and that God created the things that other people were worshiping (Sticks, stones, sun, moon and stars, water) Showing that others were worshiping things that God, the real God created. According to Genesis back then the world was flat with a big dome over it separating the water in the sky from the water on the earth. The Sun, Moon and all the stars were under that dome. There were flood gates that opened to let water in through the dome. So here we go, is the bible true, or is it the truth?

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