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Raising The Dead In America
Please look at story of sheep and the goats. read both versions side by side and you will see something very interesting! these people claimed to have done many things in the "Lords" name. he says to them depart from me ye that work iniquity, I NEVER KNEW YOU!NOT I KNEW YOU ONCE, BUT NEVER DID!! HOW COME?

Where Are The Seven Hills
the "seven hills" aren't anywhere!! if you read the next verse you will see that it says that these are also seven kings! 5 have fallen 1 is the other is not yet come but when he comes he will only be here a short time!! the 8th is worse than them all and is of the seven!! and kings are type of world kingdom!! the whore controls them all!! and is all religion that does not know yahuweh!! do the math! by the way the whore has harlot daughters!! easy to figure. what came out of catholicism!!!???

What Is The Bohemian Grove
bohemian grove where elite have ritual which is designed to desensitise them to world problems. ritual called the "cremation of care" done on a 40 foot stone idol of an owl which is their representation of the god molech! symbol all over the place eg press core badge buildings etc. no women allowed so womens role is acted by men in "drag" photos i have date from early 1920's All the "big guns" of new world order there! web site cremation of care.

Beware Of False Prophets
went to "super apostle" movement "teaching"i have suffered migraine 5 years. he wanted lay hands. word says lay hands on no man suddenly he using satanic technique "soul mapping" asked Father's protection from false spirit! he couldn't "map" power stripped! Helleluyah!means praise Yahuweh!! he told everyone i had death spirit and was rebellious!! was my beginning understanding false religion "christianity" now with true father Yahuweh and Son Yahushua!!

Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us
TO HELEN HI. i can tell that you are one who loves the truth may i share some?
what do you think the end days false religious system we were warned that yahuweh would send because people do not love the truth would look like?
it looks exactly as though it is the real truth. its not it is counterfeit!! not easy to spot says it is the bride read rev ch 17 and 18! babylon means confusion at the gate of yahuweh!!who claims to be the bride today??

Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us
truth. there is one mediator between Yahuweh and man, that is Yahushua Ha Mashiach the righteous! he ever lives to make intercession on our behalf!! learn real truth people not religious lies! as a matter of interest, any religion that's responsible for the murder of 80,000,000 does not know what the word truth means!! that is how many the "HOLYMOTHER'S" "CHURCH" SLAUGHTERED during the dark ages!i would not be trumpeting the Whore of Babylons praises!
do research!!know truth!

Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us
truth. there is one mediator between Yahuweh and man, and that is Yahushua Ha Mashiach the righteous! he ever lives to make intercession on our behalf!! learn the real truth people not religious lies!!

Believe Catholics Or Christians
RIGHT MODERATOR!! WE ARE!! BUT MORE DECEPTIVE THAN COULD EVER BELIEVE! IF YOU DO NOT LOVE TRUTH PAUL SAID, YOU WOULD BE DECEIVED! TRUTH IS: WORD JESUS DID NOT EXIST PRIOR TO 14TH CENTURY! angel did not call him jesus! real messiah is Yahushua! name means yahuweh saves!Father's name Yahuweh means I exist and cause all existence christ is greek! name of sungod!!worse, also greek num.cxz=666! title god is teutonic! means sex! spelt ghode!! ! think!
real truth not religious lies!!

Husband May Be Having An Affair
hi anon. the best way you can find out if your husband is having an affair is this. get a copy of his cellphone bill. all details as to his received and made calls are on this!also does he come straight home and shower or has he showered before he comes home?

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