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Unrepented Sin Unforgiven
John, - Yes Jesus did provide a new way, he also bore our sins in his own body (Col. 1:20-22)and reconciled us us to God. The old testament sacrifices and sin offerings were a "type" or picture of what was to come - The Lamb of God that would take away the sins of the world. It is not a free ticket to sin as you have so ignorantly put it, but a wonderful grace that God has bestowed to everyone that believeth.

Unrepented Sin Unforgiven
Our sins were judged when Jesus took them to his cross. -- Before we were ever born! When we sin, this sin separates us from fellowship with God and repentance restores that fellowship. Read 1John 1:9 - yes, God does expect us to repent so he can forgive. But don't confuse "sin"(an act) with "sin nature". Jesus saved us from the bondage and penalty of sin and we have been forgiven of our sinful nature when we accept him as Lord and Saviour.

Catholic Traditions Hell Bound
People who are true Roman Catholics do not believe God's word. - The RCC is the Great Whore mentioned in Rev. chapter 17. A study on the history of the RCC church and their persecution of Christians will revel this. And where does Mary, the Pope, or any priest fit into 1Tim 2:5? Study the book of Hebrew. The office of an earthly priest was done away with after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is our High Priest and makes intercession to the Father for us as we pray to HIM and through HIM.

Calling This Woman A Dog
In this story, the children are the Jews of the nation of Israel. The bread (Jesus, salvation, and the Word of God) was first given to the Jews (Rom. 1:16.) What the Jews rejected, was offered to the rest of the world. -- Jesus was not insulting the woman or her nation, he was simply presenting a truth in a way she could understand. - Her answer was that she wanted and was willing to accept even the leftovers of what the Jews would reject - Jesus.

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