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Can A Catholic Marry A Protestant
Talk to your girlfriend about her faith and share yours with her. Discuss the differences in theology. You might even go and visit pastors from each faith background and get some solid facts. The Bible does talk about interfaith marriages, which were forbidden by God between the Israelites and people of other lands for obvious reasons. I know a variety of couples who are not of the same faith and they are happily married and have great respect for the other's beliefs.

Would Jesus Be Welcome
Jesus walks into our churches all the time. He is in the faces of our friends and family, as well as the stranger, so that's a great question for all of us!

How DO we welcome him??

Wets His Pants During Spanking
The problem is not solved! The problem is that your child is scared to death because he's being hit! No hugging or explaining in advance is going to make that experience any less traumatic for the child.

Try natural consequences as a discipline technique.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
You're right that a decision/choice to have an abortion is the individual's and it would be up to the individual to wrestle wtih that choice spiritually, emotionally and physically. I regret that anyone would view an abortion as a "way out" of a situation and that there's no other choice. There's always a choice, and I am caught between believing in something that makes our country great...freedom to make such choices...and the consequences of those choices. Perhaps we could do a beter job of supporting women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy and respecting the choices that they do make. Maybe those choices would be different.

Are Tongues For Today
Since speaking in tongues is named in the Bible as a spiritual gift, it would be Biblical to do so. However, no spiritual gift should bring attention to the individual or disrupt the community. Those who practice speaking in tongues should be sensitive to those who do not and be aware that even talking about their ability to speak in tongues could be a deterent to someone else's faith.

Is Male Companionship Cheating
It may not be cheating in the traditional sense, but be careful with that. You might find yourself wanting to be with someone else, too, rather than your husband, which will drive you further apart. Are there other issues in your relationship with your husband that are causing both of you to seek companionship elsewhere? i agree with madison. Consider marriage counseling together.

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
I don't see the harm as long as children know the real meaning of the holiday. I, too have spent many hours coloring eggs with my kids, yet, they are well aware that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It's the same as Santa Claus and Halloween. It's part of our culture. If we're to be a Christian presence in that culture, I think we can participate in the culture but understand how our faith influences that participation.

I Just Had A Miscarriage
i have just ba miscarage my self 1st march 09 i do believe thart babies go to heaven i have 6 heailthy children and had another 2 miscarages in the past that is 3 altoether

My Husband Is Narcissistic
i have recently discovered that my husband of 15 years must be narcissistic. i have been so off balanced for the past 15 years, but have tried to do the Godly thing by staying with him. We have 3 children. He does not direct his inappropriate treatment to them, only me. However, my 13 yr. old daughter says that the older she gets the more dad starts to treat her like he does me. But the emotional rollercoaster they have been on just witnessing our relationship has surely damaged them. I try so much to "keep the peace" for their sake. Well, I am tired of "keeping the peace", so they are suffering even more. I'm not sure what to do! Sometimes he's "wonderful", but only if I'm keeping everything good for him!!

Who Goes To Heaven
in the old testament dr rich if you read Isaiah, it most certainly says "he took up our infirmities"
and carried our sorrows,
yet we considered him stricken by God,
smitten by him, and afflicted.

5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities,
the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,
and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53

The Mark of The Beast
duane, I receive dreams from the Lord, I am not worried about my interpretation of it, the seven angels with the seven plagues are people, just like moses, want to ask me how I know?also do you really think it is locusts that are coming with the crowns? even when in exodus it says no plagues of locusts ever again, care to ask me what it means?

Should Christians Think
well because of Christ we are forgiven, the tree of knowledge that eve plucked from was actually consciousness, and if you really read Genesis, the Lord turns and says, now they know what we know, not I, but we..he meant the angels, but at first we were not meant to know

2008 Closer To Tribulation
nobody knows dates dear, Jesus Christ did not even know when the end was coming, so if the son of God did not know, then nobody knows, however that big dome built on Solomons temple, Jesus spoke of it, he calls it desolation on the most holy ground..

Should Christians Offend
I took the spiritual gifts test on this website and received one hundred percent of something, I refuse to say what because I do not believe in boasting, with this being said, sometimes preaching the gospel will offend even another believer who has another view, but if you are led by holy spirit, dreams or visions and know it is truth, then offend away.

Is The Internet Of The Lord
internet is most certainly satan, however how you use it since it is here already can reflect the Lord, like preaching, talking to other Christians, and emailing your family photos of your children etc..the Lord likes the old ways, you know not damaging the environment, computers damage the environment...

Holy Spirit Confuses Us
the holy spirit is only dispersed to those who are willing to go all the way, change all together and preach the word, and bring people to Christ, when you have holy spirit you will know..they will persecute you like they did christ.

Tractics Of False Religion
confused by this posting, are you talking about one of the four creatures?? those are denominations of churchs, it's very clear in revelations 14, it says the elders, so if that is what you mean just stick to scriptures and do not get brainwashed by denominations

Will God Bless My Affair
no the scriptures are clear, jesus says divorce is only done with adultery, it would have to be her to want the divorce..not you

Are False Prophets Mentally Ill
false prophets have demonic issues, some will believe doctrine outside the scriptures, i met one who was casting out demons, but did not believe that Noah was the only one with his family during the flood, a false prophet has the demons,,,also false prophet can be outside the church such as divination, etc,,I know this because I had my divination demon removed, man I got sick! then the truth came in though after

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