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Did Jesus Pray To Himself
You have answered your own question. They are 3 in 1 all complete to its' self and all God. No. Jesus did not pray to himself. He prayed to His heavenly father. As he was both human and devine, His Humanity stayed in check because He was constantly in touch with His Heavenly Father. The Trinity can be put in contrast to the explaination of Water, it is liguid, and frozen (ice) and a steam (vaper). All the same product but diffrent in form. No, When Christ prayed, He prayed to God The Father.

So Difficult To Be A Christian
i dont find it hard but it is quite lonely, it is like having a contagious desease and no one wants it.

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
God says if you think it is a sin, then it is a sin, also, our body is supposed to be a temple of God, and further we would not want to be a slave to any anything or anyone, except God, but I am a smoker. And I am saved, but I pray daily to take the love of ciggarettes away from me and make me strong to break this addiction. So far, I have not been delivered. But i am trying, and God knows this.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
all 88 books were in the kjv (here in the U.S.A.) until 1885, when the apocrypha was removed. GOD said that we were never to add or take away from the bible, so who gave the authorization to remove them from any of the bibles, only 122 years ago?

Reading Harry Potter
i love the LORD, and i have been born again. i see nothing wrong with harry potter, (read or seen) at an appropriate age. we watched wizard of oz with the good and bad witch. We watched bewitched on the t.v., but we were raised in a christian home and knew the difference between fantasy and truth. i know you say not all children are, but their parents are responsible for teaching them right from wrong . i wonder if anyone has seen all the movies and/or read all the books. i thought they were delightful.

Women Made To Stay At Home
Who ever said the environment was meant for men? No one should be made to do anything they do not want to do, including staying home to be the good little wifey. Some women are better moms if they do not stay home and some are better if they do.

Is John Mark Karr Guilty
So many strange things surrounding John Karr,but we do not need to let all these strange things keep us from knowing that in time something will unravel and the real truth will come out, The Lord is just and merciful.God Bless all of you.

Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ
I believe he could be with the number 666 being his office thing that just really bugs me.Plus he gets a little more accomplished than other leaders he could also just be a forerunner. for the antichrist.

Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ
I think it's possible that he could be the antichrist or ab fore runner. He is just a little to cable for my thoughts plus the 666 thing really bothers me . If you see his pic he is with almost all the world leaders in something kind of in the back ground for now.

Promises From God On Remarriage
I believe we should not concentrate on whether we remarry or not.Yes,man was not meant to live alone,but make the relationship with God,top priority.God knows the desires of your heart,and if they are the right desires,and you are living a Godly life, then he will decide the time and who.pray tell him what you need,and he will provide.We are never alone,He is always with us.Debra

How Has ChristiaNet Blessed You
I do have a question though,some of the chat rooms on this site ,the individuals do not just talk about Christ,it appears to me that they use the site for flirting or related topics.some,not all seem more into fun ,instead of witnessing or encouraging thru God's Word.I hope the sites,and chat rooms will be more closely monitored.i want to chat with people who are happy to speak about the wonders of our Lord.Thank-you for your time. God Bless Debra

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