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Handing Out Salvation Tracts
I was not raised in a Christian home. Never went to church and knew nothing of God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. I grew up 8 houses down from a Baptist church.
When I was 18 a friend gave me a Christian tract.
It was that tract alone that God used to bring me to a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.
I am a reason you should give out tracts. I have for 35 + years.

Is Obama Against Israel
peter3594 on 4/25/10 "having elected a Moslem president." It's Muslim!


Six 24 Hour Creation Days
Warwick, I noticed, "Can we therefore interpret it ("what God has written") as we see fit?" Isn't that what we all often must do with things like the Biblical creation accounts, since we were not there? Young-earth creationism is certainly an "interpretation," that simply does not agree with the reality of God's natural handiwork - creation - the universe/earth.


Six 24 Hour Creation Days
David8318, "Because of Adam's sin, Romans 5:12 'death spread to all men...', NOT animals." You mean spiritual death, right? Romans 8:21 and 22 implies death was purposely subjected onto creation by God, not caused by Adams fall - for animals and humans. "Decay" could quite literally be interpreted as physical death, because God never intended humans to live permanently limited to the physical limits of universe/earth.


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