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120 In The Upper Room
The people in the upperroom were all apostles and elders of the times not brothers and sisters of Jesus. Acts speaks specifically stating that everyone received that "baptism" of the holy spirit i.e. speaking in tongues. this means that all 120 people received the gift.

Non-Christian Guy Wants Me
First let me commend you on saying no to this guy,you are a strong woman. Please DONT make the mistake I made, I was not as strong as you are and now it's hard to live this way. We have been together for 17 years and in the beginning he was quite cunning in that he said although he didn't believe he thought it was great that I did. That was a lie, he is so contemptible at anything Christian which manifested overtime. A little each year and now its really hard. I remain faithful to the Lord now and just keep my tongue when my husband is on one of his rants. So please don't, it's hard for me to get up in the morning and it's even harder for me when he pulls in the driveway!

I Believe Divorce Is Wrong
You should pray for him. God can touch his heart and change his life. I believe that divorce is wrong. The only way you could get a divorce is if he is cheating on you. But show him Gods love and do not call him names in front of your kids. But the most important thing is pray for him and God can change his life.

Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl
Duke, It is not the ex that will harm your relationship, but hidding the issue. If one trust the other he will share his life with her. That includes other relationships and cares. Hidding things brings up distrust. Keep honesty in your relationship and there will be no fear. Relationships are dear to all of us and do not just dissapear. But the one you choose needs your trust and needs to feel secure in your relationship. Ask her, you may be surprised with her response. God Bless!

Family Relations Are Broken
Dear Judy, I am going through s similar situation. I encourage you to pray for them. God is truly in control. Our trials help us to grow in our walks with our Lord. He is our strength and our warrior. Keep in the Word and seek God for His plan for you in this matter. Praying for you,Diane

Spiritual Housecleaning Good
Many things in our world today ,that are not morally good ,have become so common and excepted by our culture that our children do not even recognize it as being wrong. We need to clean house and put desency back in our lives. Porn and adaultry are common on soap operas now. Our kids question if they're gay or strait and even go to the extent to experiment with both. It's always some one elses fault why they are so confused or voilent. We all need to take responsibility for our own house, country and government. Stand up for GOD!!! It starts in the heart and whats good in Gods eyes not ours.

My Mother Is In a Cult
Margarett, you are dealing w/spiritual warfares and demons. Praying in the spirit is a weapon, fasting, talking the answer instead of the problem, Praising the Lord for the Answer, Take authority over the devil this is your blood relative and if you are born again you have that authority. Victory is yours and be sure to plead the blood of Jesus over your mom. There is hope because God is the same yesterday today and forever. Praying for you Diane

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