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Would A Pastor Marry Us
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There are no marriages in heaven.

Basic Christian Doctrines
Peace be with you Ryan. Ryan do you believe in all the words Jesus spoke? I do too.

Can We Lose Our Faith
1Tim 2:13 For Adam was the first formed, then Eve.
Actually, Eve was first, Eve had no children with Adam. All 13 of Eve's children were conceived of the Holy Ghost. As Jesus was to Mary. Read Revelations 12, this is the true story of Eve, first mother of Jesus and of the 12 Apostles.

Can We Lose Our Faith
I see that many are missing a key point, are you disciples or followers of Peter, Paul, or anyone else besides Jesus, then it is self-evident that you do not believe in his Words.

Would A Pastor Marry Us
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There are no marriages in heaven.

Wrong To Study Other Religions
No it is not, if you would read you would see that most all religions are seeking God. God is not owned by anyone, anyone that seeks him can be saved. But the traditions of men, to keep there place, deceive many. Read Jn 3:14-18

Heavenbound For Faith And Works
You can get to heaven on faith, but your good works will determine if you get to stay. If you gave Jesus lip service you will find yourself on the wrong side. If you did the will of God, I'll save a place for you next to mine.

Jewish Or Christian
Jew is a term meaning Israelite. The term itself is derived from the tribe of Juda or Judaism. The people themselves are Hebrew.
Jesus and his apostles were not Jews, they did not believe in the laws of Moses and Jesus replaced the 10 commandments with 63,
which are the Commandments of the New Testament.

How Can I Stop My Affair
Jesus said, thou shall not commit adultery, and forgive. Ask God in the name of Jesus, to take the burden from you, and he will. In Christ you are a spiritual being, and all solutions to spiritual problems must come from God, do his will, not yours.

Is The Bible Real
The Bible is real, however, many have been deceived, beginning with Eve. I offer you a revelation to increase your faith. Daniel's prophecy two thousand and three hundred days is written 200300. A year equaled 360 days at that time. Do the math to figure out the year month, day and minute of the Lord's Day.

Are There Any Christians Left
Time is short, therefore, I will be blunt, millions of Christains are following satan, not God. You need to read the Word of God for yourselves.

What Is The Age Of Accountability
Understanding the Word of God is the age of accountability. You must seek God, God will not call on you if you have not asked him for help. "if you where blind you would have no sin, but now you say I see, and your sin remains.

What Is Replace Theology
Read it for yourself. Forget everything you were ever taught about the bible, then read it with new eyes that see. The generations in Matthew would be a good place to start. Then read Luke "son of".

Is Abortion Murder
Jesus said; thou shall not kill. what is it that is so hard to understand about this commandment? Is it because you don't believe Jesus? He died on the cross and forgave them that killed him, is that not good enough.

Why Is There Sickness
Read Job. God causes us to become afflicted for a reason. Example: you are having an adultress affair and want to stop, but can't, you ask God for help. well he may make you get caught, he may make you very sick, he could make you go blind. He decides what you need, not you.

God Made One Male And Female
God created them in his image, and likeness (spirits) then he created them male and female, this is the 2nd Age.

And the LORD God (Jesus) formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, the spirit God created entered therein and dwelt in his house, this is the 3rd Age. God created, LORD God made.

Role Of Women In Church
God created the spirits first then he made them male and female. When the unclean spirit goes out of the body it seeks rest and finds none and goes back to his house which has been Garnishes,(made male or female.

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