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Catholic and Protestant Marriage
Hi, It is not God that created divisions but people. Surely it is evil to marry someone you don't love, just because they are the right religion, i married my wife because i loved her not because of her religion. If you declare that you wouldn't marry someone of a different faith then it stands to reason that youwill marry because a person fits a preconceived mould, not out of love.

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
I am a Catholic very happily married to a woman who was raised in a Baptist church. My wife was persecuted within her church and now attends a pentecostal church. We have a beautiful son who has been baptised in the Catholic church and who attends both churchs, he will find his own path when the time is right.

My wife and i have grown, and continue to grow together in faith. We now pray together regularly and everything about her life is blessed. We attend church together.

It is important to pray and obey the will of God, he will show you the partner you should marry. All things are possible with Him and it is not for us, his children, to limit his will. I am praying for you and your boyfriend.

God Bless you.

Science And Evolution Conflict
As to the subject. Jesus is a creationist.

Matthew 19:4 says that men and women were made "in the beginning," not millions of years thereafter.

Christians must believe Christ.

Moses wrote Genesis, and if you do not believe Moses' writings, how will you believe Christ's words? (John 5:46-47).

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