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His Affair Produced A Child
only you can decide what is best for you and regardless of times when it may seem God is far away, he is there beside you. he will see you through this time period. --seek God and his wisdom and he will direct your path. hide scriptures in your heart--my prayers will be with you/family. if at all possible, it helps to have someone you can talk to, even if all they do is simply listen to you(i have been where you are with own hus.--no child resulted tho.)

Uninvited To Catholic Wedding
you did the honorable act, respected their desires--and let them have their day-- why put yourself in situation where conflict could have come up. put all this in God's hands, pray for son/wife, extended family members also self that bitterness, hatefullness does not take hold. it's hard to love those that do not like you but with God all things are possible//my prayers are with you/family//

Do Miracles Happen Today
my personal belief that there are many instances of miracles but we do not deem them as a miracle due to the times we live in---A baby born 3 months premature and is alive with no health problems--miracle--30-40 years ago, this baby died--miracle--God gave the dr's and all the knowledge it takes to keep this baby alive--still a miracle== look for the miracles and you will see them.

Why Do I Get Mad Easily
i was the one who always would get so angry so quickly-but i no longer "fly off the handle"--takes alot now--PRAISE GOD for this--let go of the anger-forgive those who hurt you whether they ask you or not--see you are the one who is being hurt by them-let God heal your hurt/pain. you might try reading a book--temper your temperment--tim lahey-- excellent book--cites scriptures,etc that helped me overcome my anger--through Christ you can overcome. will pray for you.

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