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Flight Not In The Winter
VI just gotta say since all of you have something to argue about it sounds like your all not telling sound doctrin i got on here only to find why jesus said that about pray your flight not be in winter im trying to picture my spirit going to the clouds with no clothes on hmmmmm

Why Do People Go To Hell
hell is not for bad people or sinners. We are all bad and all sinners. Hell is for people who know God and still reject him, like Lucifer.

Should Christians Drink Beer
drunkeness is wrong, not drinking a beer. However Paul tells us we can eat pork but if it offends your brother then don't eat pork.

World Going To End Soon
Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

What Is Election Of Grace
from Luke, "the angel said, Hail Mary(new Eve in hebrew)full of grace, the Lord is with you." Nobody can see or hear God so he uses angels. Mary was told by God she was FULL of GRACE.

Apocalypse Of Peter
Neithe is H2O and believe me God knows chemical compisition of water. King James was in England during printing press and demanded anything during his reign be marked with his name. No humility. Bible was accurate long before him. Give credit to Holy Spirit for protecting writings and handing them down for all generations. Don't credit man or King James.

Only Way To Baptize
Zach, what about the household of Cornelius or the Philipian jailor? These are examples of others.
Also, the bible always makes reference to "to the Jew FIRST, and also to the GREEK (gentile)." This includes we who are not Jews.

No Tongues Not Saved
If ye have not the Spirit of Christ, ye are none of His"

I Got Saved Last Night
Good for you!
As far as I can tell by your description, this is completely normal and very acceptable to God.
Can I ask, did you obey the H.S.? and How were you baptized? Not to ridicule you, just curious

Biggest False Doctrine Ever
I consider Father,Son,Holy Ghost (trinity) baptism the biggest (or one of) false doctrine in Christianity today.

Questioning Church Traditions
No it is not wrong. If you think that something is wrong it should be questioned and anything questioned should be backed up with scripture.Churches can be wrong but Holy scripture is never wrong.

Will Non-Baptized Go To Heaven
People who are not baptised are not born again.To be born again, one must be born of water and of Spirit. Born of water is baptism in Jesus' name. Born of Spirit is having the Holy Ghost. Please read St. John ch.3 - It is a big help.

How Do You Baptise
Matt.28:19 says ...Baptizing them in the NAME of the father,son,holy ghost.His NAME is JESUS.If I were going to cash a check or sign my tax return I wouldn't sign father even though I am.Nor son even though I am.Nor cook even though I am.I would use my NAME because of AUTHORITY!Otherwise it wouldn't get cashed.

Called To Witness In Bars
I understand that you have had friends and relatives die of smoking and/or alcohol BUT, going to bars to win people to Christ is not a good idea.You could be tempted to sin or get into trouble.Nothing good will probably come of it because bars are not a positive place.They are full of sin.Take opportunity to witness elsewhere.

When Will The Rapture Occur
on the LAST DAY

Once Saved Always Saved
Forgive me for not answering by the Bible, but is this true? "once condemned always condemned?"

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