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Can You Discern Evil
yes I do and i also sometiomes can discern a persons problem if God gives me the discernment always when I have sopent time praying for the sitruation

Position To Pray In
do u need a special position to talk and listen to friendas and family???? NO so why when we pray should we need a specisl position??? I pray anywhere any time I certainkly do bnot kneel as for 1 thing I cant physically do that but anywhere anytiome any position I chat with Giod

Christians Don't Read The Bible
I read and study my bible even after 43 years a Christian those Christians who don't well you know why they fiollow false teracvhing don't you? they are not grounded in the truth of God's word

Physical Jesus Today
I have had ex[periences that some would say were a manifestation of jesus ido not believe that I believe they werre angels who we are tod in Hebrews are ministering spirits to those eho are heirs of salvation

About To Marry A Non-Christian
for a believer to marry a non believerbis asdking for trouble will kids be brought upchristian or not? there will be tensions within the masrriage logically marriage is inckluded in be not uneqwually yoked because a believer and a non believer in marriage are unequally yoked one heaven bound one hell bound one living byu God's laws one not

How To Become Born Again
nicodems was told you must be born again of water (natural birth) and spirit new birthBaptism of the holy spirit jas nothing to do with being born again that may or masy not ciome laterand by the way i have known many non spirit baptisedvwih a greater and deeper understansding og God than the spirit baptised Repentance needful fornew birtyh

Am I Going To Die
friend,we are all gouing to die but what joy heaven will be! God doestill heal but not everyone.I have a life shortening illness that God has clearkly said He is not going to heal through no fault of myown but so that i learn to rely on him and can bve a better witness seek God find out HIS will not what others think is His will i will pray for you

My Pastor Irritates Me
I wonder who YOU irritate? Why so critical?maybe he is just enthusiastic in which case yoiu are blessed to have him try listening to what he says if his so called dramatics annoy you shut your eyes.LISTEN to him and learn from God stop being so critical

Called To Witness In Bars
we are told to go into ALL the world and preach the gospel and bars are surely part of that?Jesus as accused of eating with publicans and sinners,HE went everywhere so should we BUT only in God's strength and only as He leads,He generally wants us to leave our comfort zone as then we rely on Him not our own human strength God bless

Who Has Seen Satan
who has seen satan?I have seen and elt his presence.some yrs ago i was in a park with a church group when we all looked the same way at the same time because of a strong power of evil coming from one person.clearly possessed by evil.did i see satan? no but i definately felt the evil influence and believe me it was not pleasant

Are Churches Today Vile
should churches be perfwect??? if they were when I entered i would defile it as i am a sinner, saved by grace YES,but still a sinner daily needing forgiveness.I have yet to enter a VILE church and doubt if they preach the true gospel they exist.those that preach this suffer from spiritual pride and for that will be judged.We are NOT to consider ourselves better than other christians we are ALL sinners but in a church preaching truth the Holy spirit will be there howCAN that be vile?

I Am Dating A Married Man
You know you are doing wrong so STOP like everyone you have the choice to say NO who has greater power? this man or GOD? YOU are at fault you cannot blame the man he is guiolty only for his part you for yours so repent and STOP the choice is yours you will have no peace until you repent and stop

What Is Confidence In Flesh
confidence in the flesh is when we trust human resoiurces over God

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
wouldn't it be wonderful if it was true??? BUT we are tol.d to EXPECT trials we are meant to share in Christ's sufferings Paul certainlky didn't accept prosperity gospel his experience was anything BUT propsperity BUT in heaven We WILL have all we coud desire no povery=ty sin illness death.....but not here

Biggest Sins In Church
I have just changed churches due to gossipand a total lack of pastoral care od led me to awonderful fellowship,and I thabnk Him for it.Iand others have been badsly hurt by christians more than by nonChrisrtians,many leave as a result gossip anbd being judgemental seem to be the 2 main reasons people leave

Why Do The Righteous Suffer
why did Jesus suffer?HE alone is righteouis for all our righteousness is filthy rags.We suffer because we live in a fallen world,Christiansd are nor exempt.I am deaf and disabled but God hasnever failed me I have all I need in HIM one day all suffering will be over

Hard To Be A Christian
are we nywhere promised aneasy life?we are to e3xpect trials BUT we have God's strengthto cope we have HIS peace which the unsaved do not therefore even in trouible we are blessed I am deaf and disabled and have lost a child so know about suffering God bless

What Is Spiritual Pride
spiritual pride?ANYTHING that makes us think we are better than someone else,seeking power and authority over others becauise we want power and authority,refusing to listen to God as we think wehave the answer,thinkintg we know God's plan for someone elses life better than they do after all God speaks to us all who wil listen need i go on?

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