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Is The Bible True
of course the bible is true...and everything in it! I could write a million words and ideas to convince you that the bible is true and these may not touch you! because christianity which is based primarily on the bible is FAITH-based!
the bible says it takes faith to accept that god exists in the first place, and of course faith to know/descern/or accept the bible to be true.
there is realy no foolproof way to know that the bible is true. sorry!

Are Adventist A Cult
sad, and irritating when christians who are supposed to read the bible, say that the "law" was "given" to the jews... sure they were given to the Jews to model and share with sinners i.e., you and me no matter what color or nationality, for we all need salvation... through a Jew named Jesus...HELLO!
if the law is for Jews,christianity is vain because guess what? Jesus was JEWISH!
doesn't matter who the message came from...all-o-yu-all need to just lovingly obey.

Once Saved Always Saved
being saved is a choice...know what "choice" means? if once saved alwayssaved why do the saved go to church on sunday/sabbath?

What Religion Was Jesus
i am not jewish, but jesus was definitely jewish! so he practiced that religion. nuttin' wrong with that...
jesus also came to put an end to many practices as prophesied by the prophets.
christianity is the new form of judaism that the fathers preached and that we are to practice. fogiveness rather than the strict eye for an eye, spreading love to all not just people of our race and religion...

Ten Commandments Against Us
how can do not lie, or do not kill be against us? these protect us and give limits to our behavior making society a better place. people please think, that is why God gave us a brain...the law of 10 commandments are thare as a standard, we all need ideals to look and strive towards. every house has needs rules, every country needs laws. the 10Cs lend order to society.please read the bible prayrfully and in context...

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