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Damned For Just One Sin
Eloy. No sin is in heaven as Christ paid for it to have it forgiven and forgoten.

Heb 10:16 "This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws in their hearts and will write them on their minds,"
Heb 10:17 and, "I will never again remember their sins and their lawless deeds."

Young Women Marrying Older Men
The Lord formed Eve after the man. She was created in a mature state and her maturity surpassed the man's as today, girls mature much faster than boys. When my 18 yr old daughter's 19 year old BOYfriend spit in her face, I told her "honey, you need a man 28 to 48." Jewish parents always picked a groom for their daughter that was 10-30 yrs older. Mary was around 13 and Joseph was 30-40. Today, however, the law is 18 for the woman so the man should be 28-48

Did God Make Evil
This is a great question. I have come across scripture where God has said that He was going to bring evil down upon the Israelites because of there sin.
Everything is created by God, the devil doesn't create anything. All he can do is take what the Almighty God created and pervert it.
In that, I don't believe God is responsible for evils presence. It is what we and the devil have done with His creation.
"The day you eat you will know good and evil."

Death Bed Conversions Real
On the cross the thief acknowledged Christ and the Lord said to him that he would be with him in paradise that very day. Maybe I'm simple minded but I believe that no matter what, if a person asks for forgivenss and means it regardless of their sins or when they ask, God will forgive them. That is what I believe His MERCY to be all about, GRACE, FORGIVENESS, LOVE

Pray Out Loud Or Unspoken
Both silent and audible prayers are good. Ps. 27:7" Hear, o Lord when I cry with my voice"
Ps. 28:2 "Hear the voice of my cry"
He knows our needs before we even ask them and sometimes His Spirit make intercession for us. As long as we ask with a true heart and it is in line with His will He will answer.
Heb 4:16 "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may find grace to help in the time of need

Work The Crowd Up With Music
As far as style of misic goes, that is our pref, we are simply to use skill, talent and joy with thankfullnes

Damned For Just One Sin
m.a I asked the question about the accident because alot of people think they can lose their salvation. It was meant as a "what if, show me why you believe that" . As of yet no one can, as there is no scriptural proof.

Unrepented Sin Unforgiven
When God looks at us He doesn't see "us, who we are without redemption" instead He sees the finished work of Christ. We are covered with the blood of the Lamb and that is what He sees. I believe that in Him we are frogiven our sins past, present and future. Now, I also believe the Spirit of God would not allow any of us as His children to go without confessing their sins or their need to.

People Raised From The Dead
brethren, it still some what suprises me the amount of christians let alone non christians who minimalize the power of our Creator and Living God,I am not suprised at all at His miracles only the reactions of some beleivers,praise the name of our beloved Jesus!!!!!

Work The Crowd Up With Music
As far as style of misic goes, that is our pref, we are simply to use skill, talent and joy with thankfullnes

Work The Crowd Up With Music
In Collosians 1 it says that all thing were created by Him, through Him and for Him. In 3 it says for us to sing psalms , hymns and spiritual songs for the purpose of teaching and admonishing, again it says the same in Ephesians. The book of psalms is incredible. Worship doesn't just happen on sunday, we are suppposed to live a life of worship 7 days a week.

Work The Crowd Up With Music
I am involved in music ministry as helper, the Holy Spirit is the only real worship leader. As haing played and sang for 20 some odd years I know how easy it is to get hyped on adrenaline. I personaly think and hope that eveyone the world over would be trusting and praying that the Spirit of God would be in charge of the music before it happened.

Should Women Be Preachers
alan of the uk, what was the point that you wanted me to answer? darlene 1, all my study is in the kjv (in context) and commentaries ( matthew henry, vws, scofield etc) and they all say the same thing. Not quite sure I understand your reference to an internet search?

Should Women Be Preachers
Darlene, How in context with the rest of the ch. could Paul as in all his writings have meant anything other that what is written, which leaves the reader to believe that the main leadership(the pastorate) of the church is for the man? The commentaries I have also agree with the role being for the man. Do you have any info that would help to better clarify this? I'm not in this to be argumentative. I know that I sometimes sound so in the way I word my answers, but I'm not.

Statue Of Buddha In Your Home
This I believe truly comes down to a persons faith before God in Jesus. Satan has no power over us unless we give it to him(ie. believing he can hurt us or torment us) I am not one to believe that there are demons in "everything, around every corner or that it is a spirit of lust or drunkeness etc". We are in a spiritual battle and the Lord Jesus is our victor

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