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Pastor Buys $300,000 Car
Why should we judge this pastor for spending a fortune on a car people spend that much on houses and so forth as long as he is paying his tithes and doing what God tells him to do why shouldn't he be able to spend as much as he wants...judging on something like that is a major sign of jealousy maybe God is blessing him for his good works.

Pastor Marries Couple With Baby
It is not our place to say it is right or wrong...Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they are turning their life around and over to God. They made a mistake but that doesn't mean that God doesn't forgive them. Hopefully this is going to bring a new meaning to their life and they will serve God and bring their child up right...

Jesus' First Miracle
turning water into wine

Ban My Step Dad
I have tried making peace and he is hassling and harrassing me at work. He is even having his daughter call and harrass me. After numerous times of telling them to stop I have had enough. I love him but no longer respect him. I even homeschooled for two years when he became deathly ill and couldn't walk to take care of him and teach him to walk again when his own kids bailed and his daughter stole his credit card and maxed it out and drained his bank account. And yet I have never done anything for him.

Ban My Step Dad
Linda: this is a bit of what's happening I couldn't take him to olive garden he got mad he had dish network in my name was told months previously it was going to be cut off in april due to my marriage he wanted me to keep it in my name and transfer to son's house he said if I don't give him my computer that I bought he would sue me over it saying it was his. He took over 6,000 dollars from me and said I will pay it back but is now saying I owe him money and I haven't seen the 6,000 dollars yet.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Moderator: I disagree with you an object should never be used because I have seen it before you use an object when you are mad and you sometimes misjudge your strength with that and when you get reported there you go you've lost your kids and you also realize what you've done and it hurts you I object to a spanking unless no other method works try other things first. I am not saying don't pop there hand or butt. I am saying don't over do it.

Moderator - A parent should never spank while they are mad or upset. The spanking is to teach the child not a release for a mad parent.

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