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Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
Rebecca, look up the word murder in the dictonary. It involves two people not one. No one has the right to committ murder. Killing is not always defined as murder ie: self defense or accidental. Once again, suicide is nowhere mentioned in the bible. No matter how the scripturers are interpreted by humans there is no specific place anywhere in the bible that mentions suicide.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Rebecca--Have you ever lost anyone to suicide? Do you read the bible? Obiously no on both counts. You don't know what to feel because you have not felt. The bible says nothing of suicide. Read and learn

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
Moderator in regards to Dorothy, define murder? Killing is not always defined as murder. Again, opinions but not facts. No one has the facts except the LORD

Moderator - The scriptures say "thou shall not murder". Please show your scripture that says Christians have a right to murder?

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
Jason, where in any bible does it state the word suicide? Nowhere. The passage in Romans and other passages are just all in how they are interpreted. Keep reading...

Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
Because so many Christians judge everyone!

Why Can't Christians Be Trusted
God Bless you Maria, email me if you'd like. Rebecca---Don't you have a problem with yourself for playing God? Who gave you that right? Certainly not God.

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