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I Am 33 So Should I Worry
I wouldn't be too worried - some women have had children at 46 and 47. My mom was 45 when I was born! But be sure that you are marrying a man who is Christlike, not perfect of course, but who strives toward a blessed three-way marriage - him, you, and the Lord.

Weep If You Don't Witness
Oh yes - they weren't Catholic Charismatics. I specifically told them that their interpretation sounded like the Catholic idea of purgatory, and they said yes but that Catholics were condemned, spirit-filled or not. Basically, I don't want to date someone who says they are "spirit-filled" for these very reasons - too much emphasis on tongues and spiritual gifts, not on Scripture.

Weep If You Don't Witness
The people who shared this were the parents of a woman from N.Z. that I met on this site. I flew there over Christmas and was treated well initially, but when I started getting fearful of these people I was asked to leave by their daughter, and she said she never wanted to talk to me again. I feel really depressed about this now. But I also believe the Lord protected me by causing the relationship to end.

Garden Of Eden In Missouri
Looking at Biblical references and from all I have been taught, it is most likely that the Garden of Eden was located near where Iraq, Iran and Kuwait come together, where the Tigris-Euphrates empties into the head of the Persian Gulf. Very close to Basra, Iraq.

Should Christians Smoke
Another thing - it is a bad witness and can injure others. My mother flipped a cigarette butt out her car window when I was about 5 and it blew back in and went right down my pants - and I was burned pretty bad. My aunt had the same thing happen to her, but hers landed in the back seat and she didn't notice, so her car burned up before she called the fire department. Smoking is bad, bad, bad.

Should Christians Smoke
They should try to kick the habit using nicotine gums, patches, anything. Later they can work on the nicotine addiction - the idea is to eliminate the smoke and fire that reaches the lungs of the smoker and hurts others. In Korea where I am, men are given cigarettes during the required military service, so now 75% of the adult male Korean population smokes!

Mega Churches Closing Christmas
I do not think it is a good idea. In America, people like to spend time with "the family" while deliberately leaving others out. What about those who have no "family"? What happened to the idea of "God's Family" - in church, worshipping with people from all walks of life? it almost sounds like the rich are walling themselves off from the unfortunate.

My Boss Will Not Pay Employees
Same thing here in South Korea - contracts are routinely ignored and Western English teachers denied pay and benefits because of the mercurial nature of Korean males and their attitudes toward money. Just quit and leave Nigeria, if you need to.

Wicked Actors Have Problems
Some of my friends won't even let their kids watch old shows with witchcraft, such as "Bewitched" and "Sabrina". I struggle with "Bewitched" because I grew up watching that show, and now wonder if I should see it. I don't know if it is any more innocent than watching harry Potter, which I never have done.

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