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Works And Deed Sames
Adetunji - true that the follower of Christ must strive to keep the commandments. But guess what? Not all commandments in the Bible are applicable to the church. Many of the Old Testament commandments such as the Sabbath, the dietary laws, etc. were directed to the nation of Israel alone. Of course, some today strive to observe the Sabbath but the Sabbath keepers of our Lord's day were the ones that brought Him to the Cross. So why would anyone want to identify with the Lord's chief enemies.

Can Sin Go To Heaven
Kathr4453 - a few years ago, if my memory serves me correctly, you informed this forum that you had to undergo medical treatment from mental health professionals.

As such, due to your continued contentious false accusations, I believe it in my best interest to cut you loose. You can continue to go after MarkV or some other Christian that threatens you.

Demonic possession or affliction often goes along with mental illness.

Good bye.

Daniel's 70 Weeks
Mark-V, I totally agree with you but it is really a waste of time to deal with one that had to deal with mental illnesses.

These coo-coo birds will continue to be contentious and follow you around from one blog site to the other trying to make you defend yourself. The problem is tht CN has no rules regarding this kind of thing.

If that is all you can do is continually defend yourself against false accusation, then it is really best to cut loose and go elsewhere.

Send me an email as I have lost your email address when I changed computers.

Daniel's 70 Weeks
Kathr4453//You despise God's Word and want us to believe you are filled with all knowledge. Horse Manure!

I have been an active Bible distributor for over 30 years, If I truly despised Gods word, I would not have answer Gods call into that ministry. Also having taken several courses in Bible as well as being active in a Bible Church.

When you become a Christian (you really have no testimony that you are), the Spirit of God will convict you of your sin. But in believing that you cannot sin, that would make it impossible for God to offer you eternal salvation.

You are lost but do not even realize it as the god of this world has blinded you.

Daniel's 70 Weeks
//Now, you may not be part of this time, and will be raised at the second death, to face eternal damnation, because you are still in your sin, and incomplete in Him.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Do you really believe you are in Christ?

If you really were, you would have a testimony of what He has done in your life.

All you have done with others on this forum is to slander and despite Christians - something that you are NOT.

Why do I dialogue with you in view of the fact that scripture commands us not to have anything to do with apostates? You will not listen either to me or even to Jesus whom you despite.

Can Sin Go To Heaven
Kathr4453 -Have I ever suggested to anyone Gods Word? I have been an active in a Bible distributing society for over 30 years, and have distributed hundreds if not thousands of Bible and testaments both here in this country and others. I have also been an active speaker in many different churches in soliciting funds for Bibles.

Why do I recognize different translations? Because each has it weaknesses and strengths and we gain much for studying the different versions.

Why do I lean on mans understanding and not God? What I lean on is not my own understanding of Gods word but believe we learn much from the teachers the Lord has given to His church.

Smoking Alcohol Addictions
//Leej oves this verse USING the TITHES under the LAW, a once a year indulgence, to justify his drinking.
And how do you justify your slander? Do you believe you can do anything you want even falsely accuse others of things that are not guilty of and believe you do not sin?

If you believe that then you are not born of God but a demon is what resides inside you.

Chemicals Make Us Evil
// have been instructed that flesh-meat has a tendency to animalize the nature...

yes, it is all too easy to see that you really do not believe what Jesus said that what goes into the stomach does not defile one but what comes out of the heart.

If meat made one prone to acquire the nature of an animal, then why did God command the priest of the temple to eat meat?

It is all too easy to see why so many that become Adventists quit after a few years once they get a douse of olde Ellen White.

And what can we say of those who goose-step behind Ellen? They really have no discernment.

Can Sin Go To Heaven
//He uses Paul's words BEFORE Paul finished what he was saying as an excuse TO SIN, and then condemns other Christians, saying they will answer for their sin. This man is totally CRACKERS.
If you really believed Paul was free of sin then why did he say "For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me.?

Your position is antinomianism. - belief that it is not necessary to accept established moral law and are not accountable to God or man for your actions since you cannot sin.

Bible To Your Faith
Yes, like most cultist you have to believe that the church became corrupted upon the death of the Apostles, that their direct successors became apostates.

Try as you can, neither scripture nor church history has any support for your view that the Sabbath continued to be observed by the church. Even some Adventists church historians, more educated than you are, agree that the church no longer observed the Sabbath by the beginning of the 2d century.

What Adventism truly is, is a church of Hagar that bears children for slavery. Galatians 4. Sorry but you know not God nor His Word.

Sorry but I will not embrace the ministry of death and condemnation craved on letters of stone (2 Cor. 3:7,9)

Why Is Abortion Wrong
Cluny//I have a cousin who used the IUD. She suffered a tubal pregnancy, which of course had to be terminated. She suffered depression and had to be hospitalized as a result.
Do you know for sure that the tubal pregnancy was caused by the IUD? I understand that a woman can have this kind of problem and not use IUDs at all

Some woman have had toxic shock due to Tampons, some have even died.

Should we band Tampons because this could happen?

Sister was a Roman Catholic but her husband did not believe he should breed a wife like an animal. So they like 98 percent of all Roman Catholics used birth control pills or devices.

Book Of Acts Church
//The majority of people today favour same partner marriage.What happens when the court of law decides on favour of same partner marriage, will you claim that to be Gods truth also?
Moral law will never change, but the Sabbath has nothing to do with moral law.

The standard is/should be God's law, and we should be able to establish as fact the Sabbath was mandated to the church. But we can find nothing in all of the Bible that commands the Sabbath or anything distinctive Jewish to His church.

Again, if the Church were required to observe the Jewish Sabbath, certainly Acts 15 could have at least implied it.

And we can see that was the interpretation from all the leaders of the early first or 2sd century.

Can Sin Go To Heaven

//This is what Leej has never obeyed...blab blab blab
Because of my obedience and His work in my life, I have blessed many times, the greater being in seeing other born of His Spirit and the often unique ways He has answered all my prayers.

Christians that follow Jesus, are used by Him to bear fruit for Him and He had done that through my ministry as a Bible distributor. Many have come to a saving knowledge of Christ as a result.

One thing He has taught me in His word, is that there will always be those that case aspersions on you for what you truly are.

As such, I recognize you for what you are, a rude fruitless apostate.

Book Of Acts Church
Francis - regardless of which way the wind blows, the truth is that you as an Adventist are faced with an insurmountable amount of evidence from history that the Gentile church observed communal worship on the Lord's day - the day of Resurrection.

From Acts is there anything that implies the Sabbath was mandated to Gentile believers? All you have done is to point out that the Gospel was first preached to the Jews (Acts 13:46) in the Jewish synagogues on the Sabbath when they gathered for worship.

And did the Jews in the synagogues always accept the gospel message? (Acts 18:6 From now on I will go to the Gentiles.) From Acts 20:7, Christians met on the first day of the week (Gentile time).

Smoking Alcohol Addictions
Kathr4453//Seeing we won't have BLOOD in our veins, as we will be like Jesus and our bodies fashioned like His, there will be no need for fermented alcohol or alcohol in the blood making one drunk.
Ever read the Bible?

Mt 26:29 I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Fathers kingdom.

It amazes me how little some really know about the Bible and what it teaches. Suggest you find a church that peaches the Bible.

Obviously that you are NOT complete in Christ, Christ being the word of God since you apparently know little of its doctrines.

Can Sin Go To Heaven
Haz27 //...cannot sin (1John 3:9).

Those skilled in the Greek will tell you that genuine Christian will not make a practice of sinning

1 John 3:9ESV No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for Gods seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.

Suggest you research this issue on Christian and Apologetic Ministries as Matt Slick lays out the Greek on these verses in 1 John to prove that the proper translation is as depicted above.

I would hesitate in challenging what the saints of His church has held over the centuries. Yours is a minority view because it really lacks support.

Saved By The Blood
I believe Scripture tells us that we are saved, justified (declared righteous) by His blood shed as a sacrifice on the Cross.

Romans 5:9 Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.

Like the lambs that were sacrificed for sin in Old Testament times, Jesus became the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. John 1:29b "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!"

Bible To Your Faith
Ruben - While Cyprian believed the church was built on Peter as the head, what does he say about anything being passed downward to the Bishops of Rome?

And also like to ask, did Jesus' commission to Peter, really provide immunity from error for the church. All I see is His promise that the church will survive, not that it will be error free.

Bible To Your Faith
Daniel 7:23 The fourth beast shall.. think to change times and laws:

God says that some time in the future, a word power will try to change times and laws of God.
And since there was NO command for the church to observe the Sabbath and since the early church leaders many of whom were direct successors of the Apostles, established the tradition of communal worship on Sundays, then clearly it was the Sabbaterians that sought to change the time and laws.1John 2:19

So I agree that your position lacking in both support from Scripture and history is clearly BUNK!

Sorry Frances but the SDA cornerstone verse Daniel 8:14 speaks ONLY of the earthly sanctuary.

Book Of Acts Church
Was Luke a Jew or a Gentile?

While this issue is speculative it is very probable since he was the traveling companion of Paul whose ministry was to Gentiles (Romans 15:16), it is highly likely that he was a Gentile.

In any case, there is both the traditional interpretion of the early church as well as an insurmountable evidence from history that the Gentile church observed communal worship on the Lord's day - the day of Resurrection.

If such evidence were in a court of law, the verdict would be that Sunday was the day of communal worship not the old Jewish Sabbath.

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