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Why Am I So Lonely
It sounds like you and i have a lot in common. I feel like there is a hole in my heart. The only escape from this loneiness is sleep and i am awake at one in the morning. I guess what i am trying to say is you are not alone in your pain i pray for both of us and all the other people out there who are lonely and in pain. They say when god closes one door he opens another but these dark hallways are really hard. Your not alone ,

Sightings Of The Virgin Mary
all christian where does our religion start at the foot of the cross and at the foot of the cross who was there to weep for christ his mother and because of that we respect and love her with all our hearts and we ask her to pray for us in our hour of need to the lord jesus christ catholic do not worship mary we just love her for bringing christ into the world catholic teach there children that the blessed mother dose not replace the lord will ever

What Is The Meaning Of Life

Is Harold Camping Correct
Sandy, continue to listen to Family Radio or any other means that teaches the Gospel of the Bible only! The Bible does teach about the timing of the end, but only to those whom God has opened their Spiritual eyes. Read the Bible (KJV) and pray that God will enlighten you. Ed

Bible The Only Authority
All scripture is given be inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. II Tim. 3:16 (ALL SCRIPTURE)New and Old Test., Not man, Not churches, the Bible only is the Authority. Ed

Is Harold Camping Correct
to Michael, Harold Camping teaches only from the KJ Bible. He has no opinion of his own, only what the Holy Scripture teaches. Thank you, Ed

Credit Counseling Unbiblical
In it's purest definition, "credit counseling" would be fine as stated by so many below. However, if you do a search on the same 2 words, you would come up with a massive list of companies offering services (boasted as non-profit, and many as Christian) to help with this problem. Doing a little research will show that many of these companies are under federal and irs investigation, the whole industry is under scrutiny to see if they need regulation, and a huge number of people fall out of the programs, and are left in worse shape than when they started. The main purpose of the scheme is to get creditors to agree to let consumer pay less than agreed (go back on their word)and then collect handsome fees for doing so

Is Harold Camping Correct
Harold Camping is a profit of God. He is a watchman as described in Ezekiel 3:17. He encourages you to read the Bible, (Gods word and authority), for it's Spiritual meaning. God will reveal Spiritual truths to true believers, who are the elect of God. Others will not understand Mark 4:12. Harold Camping has no aurthority nor wants it. ED

Anti-Christ Alive Today
the antichrist is already here. Any one who is against God is the antichrist. 1 John 4-3 and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it shall come, and even now already is it in the world. God wrote this 1900 years ago.

Speaking In Tongues Today
I am saved person w/a new resurrected soul. I have not spoken in tongues. I would think after reading Rev. 22: 18-19 that if tongues were spoken by someone that the tongues would not offer anything new to God's word. Otherwise it would not be of God according to the Bible.

Spirit Of Rebellion Rules
(This is the "other" ed)Sometimes the pastor attempts to "rule" out of the sin of pride in his own heart. I know a man who has "served" three churches, each given to him by the church hierarchy. One fired him and the other two split over his autocratic "rule." This seems a case of the Holy Spirit, through the churches, repudiating his "calling."

God Wishes All Men Saved

'Dogmatic religion is found everywhere. It has it's origin from the Catholic church through the teachings of James Arminian'

- i'm glad, finally, you agree that ALL Christian denominations are guilty of this. Catholic Church. Reformed Baptist Church. Protestants in general. Orthodox and so on.

And the reason for this: original sin. It's a bit unfair to put James Arminius in the same league as Adam and Eve.

And Arminius was a Protestant - never a Catholic!

Is Political Correctness Proper
Consider the use of "newspeak" in the book 1984. When our vocabularies are constrained so is the world of ideas. Some of this is good. Some of this is bad. All of this is dangerous to human development and understanding. It can even have an injurious effect on the propagation of the Gospel message that Jesus Christ died in time so that others could live in eternity.

Spirit Of Rebellion Rules
(This is the "other" ed)Sometimes the pastor attempts to "rule" out of the sin of pride in his own heart. I know a man who has "served" three churches, each given to him by the church hierarchy. One fired him and the other two split over his autocratic "rule." This seems a case of the Holy Spirit, through the churches, repudiating his "calling."

Can I Clone Myself
This is the "other Ed." This is me, personally, speaking; I would not blame me conclusions on any specific Scriptural reference - either pro or con. O. K.; that being said, I can really find no fault. This is life from life. The Creator God set the fact of life in motion. Cloning, since it demands both male and female, does not seem - to me! - Biblically wrong. It does seem strange, however!

Hate Bill Passed Congress
This is the "other ed." I'm just curious. When is a crime committed against someone because the perpetrator loves the person or group he vandalizes? The entire "hate crimes" logic is simply another instance of placing barriers between people. One group is told they are better than others who might "hate" them. Another group is told they are inferior because they hate. Give me a break. Most of us react to other PEOPLE rather than to other GROUPS!

Catholic Bible History
Just gotta reply to Jack. Yes, the original KJV did contain the Apocrypha. However, it was placed between the Testaments and not considered as part of the canon. The statement that all the Bibles carried the Apocrypha until - what was it? 1960? - is simply historically inaccurate. I have a 1906 copyright study Bible (and several others even older) which does not carry the Apocrypha. From where does your statement originate? I've never heard this before reading it here.

I Really Hate My Husband
Hi Ed, this is the other Ed - its my name. I'm also confused why we are lumped together. I am rather certain that we have different email addresses. Sorry about the confusion.

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