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Is Mel Gibson A Christian
I think that Mel Gibson had the opportunity to present the salvation and the Eternal life and the
power to do not sin with the Holy Spirit in
us. Made not a difference
in people life. All world know about what
happened to Jesus.
Avoiding to talk about new born in Spirit, the renew of the
mind etch. The movie express only the suffering of Jesus The revelation etch.I hope the poor benefit too of the money.
Yes is the reality, but a son in a place of execution is not for him. Sinners cruelty kills the trust
in men in exchage of fear of men and fobia.< Like life after the war
are touched and destroid in many ways.
to be born again we need the Bible not a movie, is enough to touch the hearts.

The Symbols Follow The Bible
c.s. lewis is a theologian...the narnia chronicles are actually an allegory of the kingdom of God...with Aslan the lion representing or symbolizing God, Narnia as His kingdom...the 1st book is actually the story of creation...the 2nd about Jesus' dying on the cross & His resurrection...the last book, the last battle, is actually a story on the last days...i hope you'll read it with an open mind and see Lewis' intention... :)

No Happiness Without A Man
Dear Ellie!
I'm a woman having been separted from my husband after 27 years marriage. So, I feel myself very lonely from that moment, when my husband has removed to his new lover. I have two sons, who aren't with me at this time. really, the facts aren't known by them yet. I don't know, what do you feel, but if you write down and share with me your feelings, it could be good. I don't know, how are you alone. have you ever had any relationship, or you feel alone yourself in a reletionship. if you have time, please, write me! my english isn't so excellent, sorry for the mistakes! elisa

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