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Tell Wife Of Affair With Husband
all you need do is confess your sins to God and ask him for forgiveness,and try living a pure life.Going to tell his wife would only lead to further damage,not only to him but you aswell.

Visited By A Demon
That must have been the most horrific thing you have ever been through. Well I know it was. I was just wondering why after just blessing you home that the demon came? And how did you get it to leave? Was it there for days, months, or what. I am so sorry this happened to your family. Did you ever find what is was that allowed the demon to enter? I believe that a demon can't just come into your home. I got rid of all things that I thought could be a threshold for demons, like my quija board. I don't know how to spell it. I thought it was just a toy game kids played with. Did you ever think your husband just went crazy? Do you believe serial killers are demon possessed?

I Have Lost Everything
I truely don't understand some of the people on here. They act as if "they" know all. Christians are suppose to be meek, mild, kind and loving and not judgemental. I do understand what Ron is going through,It took me years to understand that I was not giving ALL to God, I prayed for certain things in life I got all of it. I lost all of that and more. I blame myself, at this point I hadn't given my whole self to God. Now,God blesses me daily, I learned the most valuable lesson of my life by losing everything, I was homeless and very sick. That is when I gave me, all of me to God. Little by little, God has picked me up,dusted me off. I am fine now. God is awesome.

My Son Is Cutting His Arms
I am glad your son is in counseling. I hope he is seeing a Christian counselor. Not having a degree in psychology (or anything else), I am at a loss as to his self-mulitation. I wonder if he is seeking attention. Perhaps has poor ego strengths and low self-esteem. I will pray for him. ella9959

Donald Trump And Rosie Odonnell
That's right, now Donald has lowered himself as well with all the name calling. Where is the integrity?

Why Do Christians Disagree
There are some very good answers here, and I am sure they have been helpful. I don't necessarily think that diversity is a bad thing. God wants us to be comformed to the image of His Son. Rather than focusing on the differences, notice how many denominations think alike. Just a few thoughts. ella

Husband Will Not Provide
hi darlene,God loves unconditionally,wants us happy serving Him. in ur present situation u cannot be happy, this is a hinderance in worship.u have to pray ask God's direction in ur life.i was in ur situation, won't tell u what to do, but i say if u were trying to save a drowning person,that person tries to pull u under, what would u do,that is what i was told to do.i asked God turn me back if i was wrong i have not turned back.

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