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Divorce In Process Visits
smurf2011, it would be very strange indeed.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
andy3996, You bear false witness and misjudge again, for there is no light in you. The pet nickname handle "strongaxe" is a misnomer since I have shed light on many of his postings to be faulty and false, therefore nicknaming "strongaxe" "weakaxe" is not abusive but more fitting, for which no repentance is required: for repentance is required only from one who has sinned, and not from one who sheds light on sin.

How To Get Rid Of Pride
alan8566_of_UK, that's funny.

Why Christians Support Israel
steven, God, like his children, is not a prejudicial racist. For Jesus has made out of One Blood All Nations of men for to dwell upon all the face of the earth, not two bloods, but One Blood. And Christ is the Israel of God, and Christ inhabits every Christian. The Jew whom rejects Christ is rejected by God, and the Jew whom accepts Christ is accepted by God. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, for you all are one in Christ Jesus. And if you all Christ's, then are you all Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

God's Message To Israel
Which message out of all of the messages from God are you referring to?

Wife Gets Herself Pregnant
A woman choosing to be artificially inseminated by someone elses seed, without any regard to her head, or her married partner, is sin. Why would any woman want to have some total strangers seed planted inside of her? She could be inviting all manner of inherited and genetic diseases into her body and life, and then spreading these to her innocent husband. I would strongly suggest against this foreign pregnancy, and instead a safer way would be fertility treatments or adoption.

To Many People To Be Fruitful
That is surmizing. There is death, but if there was no death then Jesus could easily expand the size of the orb to a increase it in billions of miles to easily accomodate all the procreating.

Harold Camping's Judgment Day
Fraud is a strong word, misled may be a better term. Date-setters have come and gone ever since God put the word out that there is a Judgment Day set. The key is to be living the Christian life obeying Christ so that no matter what day your day is, you will be ready for it always and at all times.

How To Increase The Kingdom
Mima, as is witnessed, the antiChrist mockers have no Christian fruit, for they are dead and are condemned as the figless tree is condemned.

Can I Remarry Due To Adultery
The Moderator is right, but remarriage may or may not make you happy. Divorce, a forced division, is a tragedy where the family is destroyed. In otherwords, people should not marry only for the purpose of "being married".

Marriage Was A Mistake
Love him back, for you and he are one flesh and of one body, and not two. Pray to Jesus and ask him to help you to become more "merged" or "married" to your beloved spouse. It is a very special kind of love where two separate souls come together to form a single solitary unit. When you rekindle your liking and caring for your man by desiring to do the little things which make him happy, preparing his favorite food, or whatever things you both like to do together, you will start finding that you really do love each other.

What's Up February 2011
Has anybody heard from Barbara and Steve in Nevada? How about it Jack, I know she talked with you alot, do you know if is she doing ok, and her cat with psycho-tail, do you know?

Evolution Helped Creation
No real Christian does.

Did Demons Know Baby Jesus
Yes, demons knew Jesus their Maker was born: Matthew 2:13-23.

Prayer Needs February 2011
Yes Lord, A-men Jesus, we lift each one these people up to you Papa. Please look on these, and go inside of each one, to those areas inside that need your healing, and do in there your special work that only you can do perfectly. In you Lord Jesus we pray, A-men and A-men and A-men and A-men and A-men.

Atheist Temple In Texas
It sounds like a gathering of fools.

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