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The Silver Ring Thing
If you have never heard of it you won't have an answer for me. A search would tell you what it is all about but I can find no up-to-date information about it, hence the question.

Should I Read This Book
2. The book is sexually explicit using titillation and is not suitable for use in public classrooms. The author appears to be bitter towards males and creates fear and obsessions over sexuality issues. This a a very unhealthy view of sexuality not suitable for literature classes.

What Are Your Hearts Desires
To see loved ones saved is top of my list, and the backsliders brought back to God.

Can I Remarry Due To Adultery
Ruth, moderator is absolutely correct. It is amazing just how many Christians do not know what scripture says on this subject.

Wedlock Kid Is An Investment
I don't understand your logic. Wouldn't you be scoffed at even more if you were a single woman WITH a child? Also, how would you support that child until it is old enough to support you?

666 On Anything You Own
That would be verging on paranoia I believe.

Jesus' First Miracle
I believe that it was turning the water into wine at the marriage feast. I'm sure I will be corrected if wrong though.

Lot The Drunk Is Righteous
Wasn't it Lot's daughters who committed incest, rather than Lot himself? They knew exactly what they were doing (and did it for a purpose). The lesson from Lot's point of view, would be 'don't get drunk because you will not know what you are doing and others could take advantage of that situation.'

My Husband Abandoned Me
This is really difficult because you don't give any clue as to WHY he wants to return. I wonder if you know yourself. Maybe he has had a change of heart and wants to give the marriage another chance and be a real father. On the other hand (being pessimistic) he might simply need a home for some reason and returning to you is a better option that being homeLESS. Does he intend supporting you and your child now? I think you need a lot more information from him before agreeing to this.

Names Not To Call People
The bible says 'call no man a fool' I guess many of us will have broken that rule. I personally hope that I never have to attend court and go in the witness box because the judge is referred to as 'my lord'. If I had to, I think I would have to say beforehand that I wished to call him 'sir' because Jesus is the only one I can call Lord. I think the law of our land (uk) allows for that but I'm not sure what I would do if it doesn't. Perhaps they would lock me up for being disrespectful.

Women Made To Stay At Home
I rather think that any man who tries to make a woman stay home will meet with much opposition. We prefer carrots to sticks. Any singleton thinking that enforcement would be their lot after marriage would probably opt to remain single. John Tutie, is there a particular reason for the question?

My Husbands Two Year Affair
If you are questioning whether or not he truly loves you I don't believe that you should take him back unless something happens that makes you absolutely certain that he is sincere. Because of his actions the choice is yours, not his, so there is no need to rush into anything. Take your time, pray about it, give it a lot of thought, don't let him pressure you. He lost his rights when he committed adultery.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Yes, yes, yes. Doing so was a gift and, like all gifts, we can accept or refuse, so the gift is only of any use to us if we accept it.

Islam Same As Christianity
You don't say whether or not you are a Christian but if you are you would be unequally yoked if you marry this young man and should not even have him as a boyfriend. The two religions are just about as far apart as they could possibly be. As Christians we are told to love our neighbour and our enemy and to spread the gospel to all the world. Islam is a religion of hate. Muslims are told to kill all infidels i.e. those who will not convert to Islam. There is much more but I'll leave others to add to this.

Living With A Man For 5 Years
I don't know whether you are saved or not but you are not living right in God's eyes. If you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour then you know that He died for ALL your sins, including this one, but He forgives those that you have repented of and turned away from. At the moment you have not turned away from this one. If He is your Saviour you are hurting Him by living this way.

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