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Am I Too Old To Marry Her
There was a 25 year age difference between my husband and I. He was my partner, companion, and best friend. The Lord blessed us with many, many happy years and two wonderful children. Our life together was a fairy tale. The sound of his voice was as if angels were singing and we loved each other measure. He died in my arms and my name was the last thing he said on earth. I only relay this to say that, if your relationship is of the Lord, you will be blessed beyond measure and the years between you are of no consequence.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
it was grapejuice that after fermented it was wine, but not as strong as today's wine.Originally the taste of their grapejuice/wine was as strong to them as wine is to us today.

Satan Or Holy Spirit
for me the H.S. brings peace. While evil brings destruction & doesn't leave you alone. After you test the spirit & then peace reassures you , then you know it came from God. If you get strife & overwhelemed it's not from him.

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
Rob I agree. this is why I celebrate Passover, not easter, but I'm not Jewish. My children celebrate Easter (as far as easter egg hunts etc....because it is a national holiday,) but they know it has nothing to do with Jesus,but they're having fun((plus daddy likes this holiday with them) but the true celebration is the Jewish Passover not the pagan Easter. you donot have to be a jew to celebrate.

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
it's up to each person,but from a bible point of view,no.

What If Adam Hadn't Sinned
God wouldn't have needed to send Jesus if Adam & Eve didn't sin. We have free agency/free will so Eve chose to listen to satan, Adam chose not to guard her to help her not be decieved. God did not send satan because Satan was already cast out of the heavens by his choice.

Christians Celebrate Passover
We should celebrate all holy days. they weren't just for the Jewish people, but for ALL man kind.

Baptized Two Times
Can we Baptize ourselves, by sprinkle of water?

Single Mom With 2 Kids
may God Bless you and keep you and your kids,pray and God will be there for you,just remember lots of people will help just confind in someone and your life will connect
and keep the faith..God is always with us even we we think we are alone..

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Everyday !!!

Is Dowry Needed For Marriage
I thought dowry was some sort of bride price to the woman/her parents in appreciation of allowing you to take away their daughter, Why on earth would anyone pay a guy to take their daughter from their home?

Moses And Abraham Adulters
I guess not. They even had young virgin girls to keep them warm at their old age! Cant stop wondering about the old women, did they also get young guys for that purpose??!!

My Brother Got A Girl Pregnant
Why is it that the ones that really need a baby dont get but the ones that dont want one get? I am juz wondering.

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