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Bible Is Full Of Contradictions
The scriptures referred to are: The resurrection stories, which form the basis of christian faith: Matthew chapter 28, Mark chapter 16 and Luke chapter24. Also, there are two in the old testament, the story of Moses sriking the rock and water gushing out: Exodus 17:1-7 and Numbers 20:1-13.

Evangelist Is Talking Dirty To Me
No one can cause you to have any kind of emotional reaction without your first giving them permission to do so. You alone are responsible for your feelings and emotions. When you know what you plan to do with your life, you will not allow annoying situations to deter you from your goals for long.

Were There People Before Adam
MP, the thing is, the bible tells of the story line of Jesus, who is to come and save the world.
Genesis, begins with the story of Adam, the man whose descendant would be Jesus.
The other people may have existed but they can not be in the bible story...

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