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Reconciliation Years After Divorce
try and talk to her, send her flowers, let her know she is still important to you and the kids. sometimes we may want to come back but feel too full of pride to make the first move.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
i'd say keep praying if you guys are meant to be together she will come back. and deep down i believe miracles do happen. sometimes we do things on purpose to hurt the person we love most for whatever reason. that's what i did. i really regret it now i did my best to get revenge on him. now i want us to be together and am hoping he is christian enough to forgive me... so far no sign of that happening and i feel i deserve it. is there no hope for redemption for a sinner like me. no hope for reconciliation?

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
i got divorced about 3 years ago. we were both christian. now i want a reconciliation.although at first i dated a lot to replace my husband. and i have left the church due to the pain and inability to understand how he could put a pillow over my face in anger yet say he loved me.recently i have been trying to contact him but he always blocks my attempts.any suggestions

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