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Rapture Did Not Happen
There are going to BE false prophets pls. read your BIBLE remeber they are hear to deceive us. But GOD WORD IS TRUE AND WILL STAND. READ 2 TIM 3:13

Spare The Rod Spoiled Kid
First of all the Bible does not say to abuse your child. It does not say to beat them to a bloody pulp... and remember in those times they still hung men from crosses as punishment!! The Bible is saying that children need to be diciplined. They need to be taught that their are consequences for their actions and for their behavior. If parents do choose to dicipline their children physically then there are rules - for instance never strike your child out of anger - or with any object that can really hurt them - and always explain to your child why your choosing to do this so they understand that they are being punished not hit because you dont love them.... i believe it is just as productive to talk to your child and punish them in other ways.

Demon Appeared To You
First of all i believe if you cover your house with the blood of Jesus then no evil can enter your home. Think about it - these are not just simple words - we are talking about the BLOOD OF JESUS - this is spiritual warfare we are dealing with here - not simplistic human words like GET OUT or LEAVE or GO this is BE GONE IN JESUS NAME and THIS HOME IS COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST that name.... that NAME of JESUS is the most powerful weapon we have!! All evil MUST flee in the presense of it folks! Evil has NO choice BUT to go. If you are born again and have a relationship with father GOD - then you should know this stuff!

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Speaking in tongues is fine when it happens naturally. I just dont like it when everyones in church and the pastor starts revin everyone up to do it and then the entire church sounds like an indian raindance. freaks me out. the worst thing is i know their not really speaking in tongues - well most of them arent - and i get aggravated cause its loud and weird and FAKE - i speak in tongues somtimes when i am alone but if i dont feel it bein genuine i stop and just pray normal - i dunno, i guess i have mixed feelings about the subject

I Want To Divorce My Husband
ya know what...God knows what your goin through sister - and yeah pray about it and seek out all roads before you just go and throw the towel in... but listen - God forgives us for EVERYTHING. if you do get divorced and God sees your heart and sees that you did all you could then guess what,God is going to forgive you the moment you ask him to - do you really think God would want you to stay in a relationship where you are being hurt???? c'mon now - yeah pray - but you gotta do what you gotta do in life. God knows that.

Self Righteous Pastors
Depends. true pastors are not self rightious, only those whom are greedy & not wanting to serve the true lord are self rightious.

Must Pastors Be Educated
If God truly called him to preach it is no ones business,maybe his mother knew this. you do not have to go to an expensive school and waste money, however you should have background at least knowing scriptures,bible,etc.

Accept Overweight Christians
Being overweight is not a Spiritual issue it is a physical one. If it offends people spiritually then take it up with God ,because God created us all.Unfortunally on the physical side sometimes weight issues (over or under) can't be helped no matter how many diet changes we do or doctors we see.

Stop The Unbearable Pain
For arthritis pain I have had success with curcumin ( tumeric ), boswelia & ginger. For disc pain I've had a lot of success with prolotherapy..

Must True Christians Mature
Only God can answer if someone is truly saved or not. Not mankind. However to answer your question ,each person grows at their own Spiritual understanding.What you might think they lack,God however might think they are still growing, so yes it is possible to still be in Gods family and not be as spiritually strong as others.

What Does Jesus Mean
Jesus has done a lot. He chose to come to earth to give his fathers message, which in over time through his disciples whom he taught, passed it down and so forth until we have what we know of today as the holy bible, Gods word. He also paid the price for us so we can be with him and his father for all eternity. He is my brother,spiritally, and his father is my father. Because of him preaching the word I am now saved through his blood.

Moses Step Mothers Name
Bithia is the step mother of Moses aka Jesus aka Adam


Christians Partipate In Halloween
Learn not the ways of the heathen.

Why Can We Eat Swine
john, the verse you are referring to concerns meat sacrificed to idols, not to meats deemed unclean by the Father.

Jesus Dead 72 Hours
Notlaw gives correct explantion. Fourth day, or wednesday eve. to thurs. eve is day one, thurs eve to fri. eve day 2 fri eve to sat eve day 3. Christ arose on the 3rd day which would be sat at dusk. Mary arose early-sun morn- to find him already gone. The RCC knows this also and that is why they celebrate a mass on saturdays eve, because they believe that is the true first day after Christ had risen.

Santa Got Them Toys Lie
Where in the bible does it say "lying" is a sin? I have read that bearing false witness is a sin. I do believe lying is wrong though.

Which Husband Live With In Heaven
There is not marraige in heaven of earthly spouses--"Till death do you part"

Christians Blindly Support Israel
The people of modern day Israel are not true jews, they are zionists.

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